Photo by MG

This mix is a little different. After the crazy intensity of my last few dancefloor-centric outings I really wanted to make a mix with some of the more 'indie' sounding songs I've had on repeat lately. I'm loving Miss Kittin's "Batbox" LP and the new self-titled Crystal Castles album. I've also been obsessed with Mock and Toof and the slightly more organic sounding, slightly less polished tracks coming out on their label Tiny Sticks.

  1. Mock and Toof "Digit 1"
  2. Miss Kittin "Grace"
  3. Just a Band "We are..." (The Shoes Remix)
  4. Crystal Castles "Good Time"
  5. Mlle Caro and Franck Garcia "Dead Souls" (Radio Slave Long Distance Kiss Remix)
  6. Rework "Love Love Love Yeah" (Rework's Chelsea Girls Remix)
  7. C. Banx feat. Chelonis R. Jones "Destination Unknown" (Daso Remix)
  8. Crystal Castles "Untrust Us"
  9. Strip Steve "You and I"
  10. Mock and Toof "Lucky" (feat. Gavin Gordon)
  11. Miss Kittin "Play Me a Tape"
  12. Hot Chip "Ready for the Floor" (Extended Version)
  13. Crystal Castles vs Health "Crimewave"
  14. Dondolo "Dragon" (Shit Robot Fire Breathing Remix)