Photo by MG

I've been having strange dreams lately. They've been murky and full of conflicting emotions. There are no real forms, just layers of smoke and dark. Every once in a while an edge will start to form, but it curls up and dissolves before taking on any discernible shape. When I wake up I feel like I've been pulled from a magician's hat. My senses are buzzing and I have an eerie feeling about what might be behind a door, or on the other side of a wall... or inside a box.

This mix is a bit spooky. It's inspired by the breathing sounds I heard in the hallway the other day, and how I felt when I called out and realized there was no one there.

  1. Deetron feat. Justin Chapman "Let's Get Over It" (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
  2. Adultnapper "Apropills" (Andomat 3000 Remix)
  3. Howard and Stereo "Tanzen Im 4eck"
  4. Andy Stott "Hostile"
  5. Kerri Chandler "Pong" (Ben Klock Remix)
  6. Kabale Und Liebe "Flodder"
  7. Anthony Collins "Rabouine House" (Dyed Soundorom Tropical Remix)
  8. Shlomi Aber "State of No One" (Shlomi Aber Mix)
  9. Pele "Viva Belize"
  10. Metalogic "Boxed and Warped"
  11. Paul Kalkbrenner "Freund Blase"
  12. Dubshape "Droplets" (Late Night Mix)
  13. Redwan "Stone 1" (Sarah Goldfarb and SDL Remix)
  14. Paolo Mojo and Jim Rivers "Ron Hardy Said" (Eric Prydz Remix)
  15. Alan Fitzpatrick "Beshektas"
  16. Jurek Przezdziecki "Sinkmaster"
  17. Florian Meindl "8 Bit Romance" (Radio Slave's Deepest Space Remix)
  18. Petar Dundov "Oasis"