Photo by Kelsey Courtney

I've been having a lot of scary dreams lately. Some are filled with chomping jaws and endless running, others are horribly mutated stories from my past. There are even ones that are just like regular dreams (pleasantly familiar faces and places), but filled with panic and dread for no reason at all.

This mix is inspired by irrational fears--real, imagined and otherwise.

  1. Boris "Rem"
  2. Traversable Wormhole "Closed Timelike Curve"
  3. James Ruskin and Mark Broom "The Future that Was"
  4. A. Mochi "Alpha"
  5. DJ Emerson "12 Monkeys"
  6. Claudio PRC "Clear Depths" (Silent Servant Remix)
  7. Sascha Rydell "Sr"
  8. Jonas Kopp "Alkitran"
  9. Glimpse "Employable Enjoyable" (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
  10. BCR Boys "Flammable"
  11. Silent Servant "Violencia"
  12. Monoloc "Nohouse" (Xhin Remix)
  13. A. Mochi "Signum"
  14. Adam X "Downbursts"
  15. Traversable Wormhole "Exiting the Milkyway"


Photo by Barto

Part Three is a long shot, a dark breathless omniscient landscape, a closed eye in the sky.

  1. Go Hiyama "Concrete Advance"
  2. Function "Burn"
  3. Lucy "Beautiful People"
  4. Rocco Caine "Corpus"
  5. Sandwell District "Silent Servant" (Regis Edit)
  6. Marc Miroir "Sinus" (Sebrok and Tassilo Tribute to the Horn Remix)
  7. Barker and Baumecker "Drin"
  8. Marcel Fengler "Shiraz"
  9. Function "Disaffected"
  10. Len Faki "Kraft Und Licht"


Photo by Jack Delano

A few years ago I knew I was in trouble. I was feeling driven into the dirt. I was wiped out on all levels and without a shred of optimism. I knew I was truly scraping the bottom when, save a few favourite classic albums, for the first time in my life all music sounded flat and uninspiring.

This was a pretty serious state of affairs.

Music has always been a place I can go to, be at or be in where I can feel truly free. Music has bailed me out on many lonely occasions, and infinitely raised the level of my most special social times. I never felt more scandalized than when, as a kid, my parents would threaten to take my music away.

All of the best times of my life have been spelled out and punctuated by music. I feel this strongly now. All of the plaque that builds up on my mind's lines of classification have dissolved. I feel the grittiness that comes with a fresh start.

This mix takes a mucky kaleidoscopic flight that starts off in dark branches, and slowly angles toward a golden slice of moon in a warm night sky.

  1. Jeremy P Caulfield "Hush"
  2. Jerome Sydenham and Function "Two Ninety One" (Chris Liebing Edit)
  3. Marascia "This Order"
  4. Simian Mobile Disco "Nerve Salad"
  5. Chris Liebing and Tommy Four Seven "Bauhaus"
  6. Obtane "Waterstorm"
  7. Daniel Sender "Afterhour" (Zdenko Grbavac Remix)
  8. Xhin "Plexus"
  9. Extrawelt "Leaf 43"
  10. Tino Boa "Gleis Effect"
  11. Bill Youngman "Beamer"
  12. The Selph "Designer Beaver" (Uto Karem Remix)
  13. Bukaddor and Fishbeck "Raedereichen"
  14. Maetrik "Paradigm House"
  15. Gary Beck "Yah Yah"
  16. Umek "Individual Breath"
  17. Big World "Quadrillion" feat. Markus Binapfl (Moguai Remix)
  18. Josh Wink "Minimum 23" (Agoria Remix)
  19. Robert Hood "War in the Streets"
  20. Mladen Tomic "Fly and Drive"
  21. Ame "Fiori" (Dixon Beat Edit)
  22. Dapayk Solo "Right Here with Me" (Heinrichs and Hirtenfellner Remix)
  23. Pleasurekraft "Tarantula"
  24. Ladies On Mars "Stop Lying to Me" (Rocco Caine Remix)
  25. Four Tet "Angel Echoes" (Caribou Remix)
  26. Tiga "Gentle Giant" (Martyn's Heaven Remix)


Photo by MG

It's always a strange feeling to be deceived. To realize that someone comfortably familiar has been 'pulling a fast one.' A familiar face can change shape, physical and emotional landscapes transform from homes and communities to something unfamiliar, somewhere unsettling.

This mix is, for the most part, a heavy one. It is dedicated to anyone who has ever stood up to corruption, convention or 'common sense' and said "No. Things don't have to be this way." You are my heroes.

  1. Ascion and D. Carbone "Drop"
  2. Decimal "Main Molecule" (Tony Rohr Remix)
  3. Duoteque "Logo" (Pig & Dan Mix Dub Version)
  4. Hans Bouffmyhre "No Trace"
  5. Umek "Slap"
  6. Ellrich & Plaice "Fucking Society" (Patrick Plaice Mix)
  7. Harvey McKay "Nightwalker"
  8. Jerome Sydenham and Rune RK "The Crossing" (Jerome Sydenham's Over Dub)
  9. Yasuharu Motomiya "Dark Brown"
  10. Xhin "Fixing the Error"
  11. Adam Beyer "Remainings III" (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
  12. Virgil Enzinger, Xavier Morel and VX "Particules"
  13. Pig & Dan "Baked"
  14. Dustin Zahn "Stranger to Stability" (Len Faki Podium Mix)
  15. Major Lazer "Hold the Line" (Djedjotronic Remix)
  16. Alexi Delano "Adjust the Frequency"
  17. Kane Roth "Kama Sutra" (Tim Xavier Remix)
  18. Yousef "Come Home"
  19. DJ Hell and Bryan Ferry "U Can Dance" (Carl Craig Remix V.2)
  20. Sasha Carassi "Polychromatic" (Brian Sanhaji Remix)
  21. Alex Bau "Red Chromosome" (Flashback Mix)


Photo by MG

I've been having strange dreams lately. They've been murky and full of conflicting emotions. There are no real forms, just layers of smoke and dark. Every once in a while an edge will start to form, but it curls up and dissolves before taking on any discernible shape. When I wake up I feel like I've been pulled from a magician's hat. My senses are buzzing and I have an eerie feeling about what might be behind a door, or on the other side of a wall... or inside a box.

This mix is a bit spooky. It's inspired by the breathing sounds I heard in the hallway the other day, and how I felt when I called out and realized there was no one there.

  1. Deetron feat. Justin Chapman "Let's Get Over It" (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
  2. Adultnapper "Apropills" (Andomat 3000 Remix)
  3. Howard and Stereo "Tanzen Im 4eck"
  4. Andy Stott "Hostile"
  5. Kerri Chandler "Pong" (Ben Klock Remix)
  6. Kabale Und Liebe "Flodder"
  7. Anthony Collins "Rabouine House" (Dyed Soundorom Tropical Remix)
  8. Shlomi Aber "State of No One" (Shlomi Aber Mix)
  9. Pele "Viva Belize"
  10. Metalogic "Boxed and Warped"
  11. Paul Kalkbrenner "Freund Blase"
  12. Dubshape "Droplets" (Late Night Mix)
  13. Redwan "Stone 1" (Sarah Goldfarb and SDL Remix)
  14. Paolo Mojo and Jim Rivers "Ron Hardy Said" (Eric Prydz Remix)
  15. Alan Fitzpatrick "Beshektas"
  16. Jurek Przezdziecki "Sinkmaster"
  17. Florian Meindl "8 Bit Romance" (Radio Slave's Deepest Space Remix)
  18. Petar Dundov "Oasis"