Photo by Angus MacRae

Well, the trees are nearly leafless here on the west coast of Canada and the days are short, dreary and rainy. I had to dig through my closet for some layers. A warm coat, a scarf a sweater. For some reason I love this time of year. I don't mind the cold. And I might secretly like to have an excuse to stay inside sometimes.

I've put together a trio of shorter mixes using tracks that I've been listening to a lot lately. There are a range of moods, but all three mixes are similar in tone. There is a spooky mood that arrives with the autumn fog. I feel drawn in and explosive at the same time--more stripped down and yet buried under so many layers.

Part One takes off on a runway made of pins and needles.

  1. Caribou "Jamelia" (DJ Koze's Alarmclock Remix)
  2. The XX "VCR" (Four Tet Remix)
  3. Maya Jane Coles "Don't Tell Me"
  4. SP "Never Stop the Action"
  5. Kenton Slash Demon "Matter" (Runaway Remix)
  6. Aera "Elevator Pitch"
  7. DJ Kaos "Horny Morning Loop" (Till Von Sein and Aera Monday Morning Acid Dub)
  8. Tim Xavier and Insideout "Girl on Fire"
  9. Pantha Du Prince "Stick to My Side" (Efdemin Version)


Photo by Swamibu

Part Two is a tearful glance at an old photograph rife with smoke filled memories of friends and past lives.

  1. Maya Jane Coles "What They Say"
  2. SIS "Dr. Garrahand"
  3. Agent! and Niveau "Cativa" (Markus Fix Remix)
  4. Ben Klock "Bear"
  5. Go Hiyama "Postmodern" (Lucy Remix)
  6. Ben Klock "Under Pressure"
  7. Shed "Boom Room"
  8. Solid Groove "Throwing Stones"
  9. Caribou "Leave House" (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)


Photo by Barto

Part Three is a long shot, a dark breathless omniscient landscape, a closed eye in the sky.

  1. Go Hiyama "Concrete Advance"
  2. Function "Burn"
  3. Lucy "Beautiful People"
  4. Rocco Caine "Corpus"
  5. Sandwell District "Silent Servant" (Regis Edit)
  6. Marc Miroir "Sinus" (Sebrok and Tassilo Tribute to the Horn Remix)
  7. Barker and Baumecker "Drin"
  8. Marcel Fengler "Shiraz"
  9. Function "Disaffected"
  10. Len Faki "Kraft Und Licht"


Photo by Louisiana GOHSEP

Summer, in many ways, is like that popular winter holiday. There's a certain mind set that takes over and causes me to pressure myself to be happy, social and 'out there.' Thankfully I've had many great summers full of madness and constant business, but this year has been arduous and has led me to be thoughtful, introverted, and at times a total hermit. I have nothing against merriment in any form, but I've tended toward more quiet fun this summer. I feel like I've gone through some kind of change, but don't know the full extent of the repercussions yet. It's like I can smell the dust in the air and feel the anticipation of its settling in the pit of my stomach.

This mix mingles stripped down punchy tracks with more expansive and emotive tunes. The mood is jaunty, sinister, and heartfelt.

  1. Basti Grub "Oma Vovo"
  2. Goldwill "The Curtain" (Aera Edit)
  3. Nick Maurer "Lowride" (Sascha Braemer and Dan Caster Mix)
  4. Map.Ache "The Fool" (youANDme Edit)
  5. The Cheapers "Bonfire"
  6. Sascha Braemer "Dirty Talk"
  7. Maya Jane Coles "Get Away" (Main Mix)
  8. Shahrokh Sound of K. "See the Light" feat. Siri Svegler (Franck Roger's Real-Vox Mix)
  9. Micha Klang "Cheek on Cheek"
  10. Birds & Souls "Birds & Souls" (Runaway's Mountain & Ground Remix)
  11. Veitengruber "Last Train"
  12. Agoria "Magnolia"
  13. Trentemoller "Sycamore Feeling" (Thomas Schumacher Remix)
  14. DJ Koze "Blume Der Nacht"
  15. Hooved "Without a Reason"


Photo by Ben Ketaro

I was reading a book on animal behavior the other day and I came across a memorable passage about wolves. When a pack of wolves howl they are displaying their unity with the pack, but while howling they each change their pitch so that their individual howl is different from the others. No wolf wants to end up on the same note as another. This struck me as a pretty cool character trait, and an interesting combination of unification and individualization that I never knew existed before.

I've been building a vegetable garden in my yard the past while and as I garden I think about life--usually in the form of impatiently waiting for things to grow, but also in a more mortal way. The subtle complexities of a simple thing can ease my mind and melt away the static of a repetitious life. I spend my days at a cemetery and my evenings in my garden, and both remind me where we go, and what we all eventually become.

This mix floats between eerie tensions and uneasy openings. The tracks are like my garden--organic, spacious, somewhat orderly but messy in places, and potentially delicious.

  1. SIS "Break Down"
  2. Masomenos "Merci Julie" feat. Curro Savoy
  3. Martin Buttrich "Back it Up"
  4. Metrika "Paradox" (Spencer Parker's Gun for Hire Remix)
  5. APM 001 "Migrants" (Sei A Remix)
  6. Solomun "Cloud Dancer" (Manuel Tur's Syphon Drum Mix)
  7. To Rococo Rot "Forwardness" (Traversable Wormhole Remix)
  8. Radio Slave "N.I.N.A."
  9. Mike Shannon "Under the Radar" feat. Fadila (Deadbeat Mix)
  10. Gary Beck "Limehouse"
  11. Nelski "Body Pop" feat. Tom Gandey (Radio Slave Remix)
  12. Till Von Sein "Sundowna" (Dyed Soundorom and Shonky Remix)
  13. Sabb "Ballkanika" feat. Dark Beat
  14. Ellen Allien "Our Utopie"
  15. Ripperton "Random Violence"
  16. Ryan Davis "Zodiac"
  17. Basti Grub "Little Life"
  18. Caie! "Breakdown" feat. Lagora (SIS Remix)


Photo by Mave Gibson

Well, it's Spring and I've been going through all of my possessions (especially the stuff hidden in the closets). I've been trying to thin things out.

I don't mean this in a hoarderish way, but I find it difficult at first to part with things. Once I get on a roll though--old ugly dishes are stacked next to redundant kitchen appliances, bags of clothes pile up next to boxes of books and records. I feel free to dispose of nearly anything... and then I find a small box of old photos that bring back happy memories long buried in a blurry mind... and i remember how many of them used to be tacked to my wall a long time ago.

This mix is casual and uplifting in a spaced out kind of way. It's inspired by the fresh spring air blowing through my open window.

  1. Cristian Vogel "Mungo" (Radio Slave Remix)
  2. Daniel Steinberg "Lucky Sauce" (Tiefschwarz Remix
  3. Hirtenfellner "Working"
  4. Volta and Salvatore Freda "Tiramisu"
  5. Matthew Dear and Seth Troxler "Hurt" (Martinez Dark Soul Remix)
  6. LoSoul "Time.. Passes" feat. Fadila (Dyed Soundorom’s Code Quantum Remix)
  7. Chris Lattner "Sick"
  8. Maetrik and Maceo Plex "Robo Johnson"
  9. Anja Schneider "iThought"
  10. DJ Clock "Hot Steppin' Lady" feat. Antonio Lyons (Nick Holder Remix)
  11. Kiki "Immortal" feat. Pirica (Holger Zilske Remix)
  12. Cortney Tidwell "Palace" (Michel Cleis Is Too Late Remix)
  13. Deniz Kurtel "Yeah" feat. Guest of Nature
  14. Nina Kraviz "Pain in the Ass"
  15. Nufrequency "Fallen Hero" feat. Ben Onono (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
  16. Dance Disorder "Zusammen"


Photo by MG

I'm happy to say that this mix roughly marks the three year anniversary of Thanks for all the supportive messages and comments--from the shy and polite to the 'just got home from the party and feeling crazy,' I appreciate them all. I'm also excited about the year ahead. It's going to be a big one for tunes, mixes, and the site itself.

This mix is full of smoke, dusty photographs and reminiscence and is an aggregate of my favorite tracks to come out for a long while--there's definitely a vibe here that references a lot of the electronic music that makes up the foundation of what I listen to (and listen for) in current releases.

  1. The Machine "Fuse" (Ame Remix)
  2. Rene Breitbarth "Freshin' Up"
  3. Agnes "Quen Pena"
  4. Florian Meindl "Use Me"
  5. Kreon "Jabba Jeez" (Brothers Vibe Remix)
  6. Mr. Bizz "Fanfara"
  7. Lemos "Kalooo"
  8. Cortney Tidwell "Don't Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up" (Sei A Remix)
  9. Thomas Brinkmann "Isch"
  10. Italoboyz "Where is London" (feat. Masomenos)
  11. Basti Grub "Wenn Ich An Die Kosten Denke"
  12. Manuel Tur "Agrafena"
  13. Terre Thaemlitz "Masturjakor" (Kink and Neville Watson Remix)
  14. Alexander Kowalski "The Heat of the Night"
  15. Dj Pierre "Stress or Justice" (Afro Acid Ruskin Mix)
  16. Maetrik and Maceo Plex "Fabrick"
  17. Stimming "Gaensebluemchen"
  18. Richard Seeley "Mas Profundo"
  19. Gene Farris "Take Me Back" (DJ Pierre Afro Acid Mix)
  20. Basic Soul Unit "Things Pass"
  21. Paul Ritch "Last Night"
  22. Freaks "UMakeNoSense" (Radio Slave's Music for Freaks Remix)
  23. Lucy "The Piper's Revenge"
  24. Yasuharu Motomiya "Niigata"


Photo by John Morgan

Whether it's a doorway, a border, a grave or a new way of life, sometimes standing at a threshold can feel like standing on the edge of a cliff, and even momentary thoughts of crossing feel like falling... I'm not sure if it's the November rain here on the west coast of Canada that's making me so introspective lately, but whatever it is makes me want to put the the coffee pot and fireplace on and listen to some of the amazing tracks that have been coming out the past while.

I've been really into two fairly specific styles of track lately. One is spacey and moody, ethereal or 'ghost-like.' The other is more organic, with sounds sampled from 'traditional' instruments. This mix marries these two styles and incorporates a definite 'tip of the hat' to the classic early 90s era of electronic music.

  1. Paul Kalkbrenner "Square 1"
  2. Experience and Ilario Naples "Play the Music" (Pierce's Spastic Moog Remix)
  3. Mark Verbos "Frozen in Time" (Tim Xavier Remix)
  4. Baeka "Right At It" (Michel Cleis Deeper Remix)
  5. Gui Boratto "No Turning Back" (Wighnomy's Likkalize Love Rekksmi)
  6. Fabrice "Gordo" (Club Mix)
  7. Sidwho? "Millionaire" (Future Classic Remix)
  8. DJ Sprinkles "Grand Central, Part I (Deep into the Bowel of House)" (MCDE Bassline Dub)
  9. Loco Dice "Black Truffles in the Snow" (Mike Huckaby's Jazzed Out SYNTH Remix)
  10. Mr. G "Makes No Sense" (Radio Slave's Shaking the Tree Remix)
  11. Mark Broom and Brothers Vibe "Mind / Feeling" (youANDme Hirsch Edit)
  12. Nima Gorji "Keep on Getting Down"
  13. Namito "Zorro" (Phonique and Tigerskin Remix)
  14. DJ T. "Dis"
  15. Kabale und Liebe "Una Y Nada"
  16. Dubnitzky and Frank Nova "All My Live"
  17. Max Cooper "The End of Reason" (Perc's End of Season Remix)
  18. Morgenklang "La Primera Cancion" (Zdenko Grbavac Remix)
  19. N.Euss "Nyhachi" (Basti Grub Remix)
  20. Martin Beume "Nexus"
  21. Heinrichs and Hirtenfellner "Hubble"
  22. Stefan Goldmann "Yes to All"


Photo by MG

I've never been very good at celebrating milestones in my life, but today I'm happy to say that this mix roughly marks the two year anniversary of

So much has changed in my life over the past couple of years and I feel like I'm still waiting for the dust to settle around me. Thank you to everyone who has been enjoying the posts over the past two years, hello to all the new visitors to the site, and thanks to all the people who have sent me supportive messages along the way.

This mix is fraught with tension, and was heavily inspired by the voices a seventh cup of coffee can bring to a sleepless mind.

  1. DOP "Blanche Neige"
  2. Marcin Czubala "Los Companeros"
  3. Kleinschmager Audio "Helicotrema"
  4. Kabale Und Liebe "Childs Play"
  5. Zander VT "Get Down"
  6. Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner "Chiller"
  7. Nima Gorji "Jungle Boogie"
  8. Martinez "Momomowha"
  9. Brian Ffar "Billy Bought a Laser" (Pan Pot Remix)
  10. Federleicht "On the Streets" (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Core Mix)
  11. Donato Dozzy & Giorgio Gigli "Real Love EQ - Italy"
  12. Dj Rame "Mind Clip"
  13. Gel Abril "Miranda"
  14. Speedy J "Red Shift"
  15. Radio Slave "RJ"
  16. Extrawelt "Daten Raten"
  17. Efdemin "America"
  18. Damian Lazarus "Moment"
  19. Bvdub "Where to Now"


Photo by MG

I've been having strange dreams lately. They've been murky and full of conflicting emotions. There are no real forms, just layers of smoke and dark. Every once in a while an edge will start to form, but it curls up and dissolves before taking on any discernible shape. When I wake up I feel like I've been pulled from a magician's hat. My senses are buzzing and I have an eerie feeling about what might be behind a door, or on the other side of a wall... or inside a box.

This mix is a bit spooky. It's inspired by the breathing sounds I heard in the hallway the other day, and how I felt when I called out and realized there was no one there.

  1. Deetron feat. Justin Chapman "Let's Get Over It" (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
  2. Adultnapper "Apropills" (Andomat 3000 Remix)
  3. Howard and Stereo "Tanzen Im 4eck"
  4. Andy Stott "Hostile"
  5. Kerri Chandler "Pong" (Ben Klock Remix)
  6. Kabale Und Liebe "Flodder"
  7. Anthony Collins "Rabouine House" (Dyed Soundorom Tropical Remix)
  8. Shlomi Aber "State of No One" (Shlomi Aber Mix)
  9. Pele "Viva Belize"
  10. Metalogic "Boxed and Warped"
  11. Paul Kalkbrenner "Freund Blase"
  12. Dubshape "Droplets" (Late Night Mix)
  13. Redwan "Stone 1" (Sarah Goldfarb and SDL Remix)
  14. Paolo Mojo and Jim Rivers "Ron Hardy Said" (Eric Prydz Remix)
  15. Alan Fitzpatrick "Beshektas"
  16. Jurek Przezdziecki "Sinkmaster"
  17. Florian Meindl "8 Bit Romance" (Radio Slave's Deepest Space Remix)
  18. Petar Dundov "Oasis"


Photo by MG

Nothing plays on the imagination in a more ambivalent way than uncertainty. One day feels ecstatic--the start of a new life, the shedding of outmoded thought and perception, freedom from captivity--and the next feels like a drudgery of repeated mistakes, the resurfacing of old insecurities, a dark and inescapable sentence.

This mix swims darkly. I've selected these tracks mainly for their texture and moodiness--reflections of light on the surface of a deep and ever present abyss.

  1. Masomenos "Cot Cot"
  2. Tom Pooks "Claire De Lune"
  3. Varoslav and Okain "Season"
  4. Oel and Polygon "I Hate the Grid" (Exercise One Remix)
  5. Ruede Hagelstein "Modest Theme"
  6. Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke "The White Flash" (Trentemoller Remix)
  7. Trisomie 21 "No Search For Us" (The Hacker Remix)
  8. Tiger and Dragon "Feel" (Lissat and Voltaxx Remix)
  9. Haruki Matsuo "Triangle In Box"
  10. Watson "Basin Head"
  11. The Per Eckbo Orchestra "Kodo Verano"
  12. Minilogue "Jamaica" (Dubfire Dreadmill Remix)
  13. M83 "Don't Save Us from the Flames" (Superpitcher Remix)
  14. Anthony Collins "Reeves"
  15. Luca and Paul "Mad About James"
  16. Alex Picone "Furby"
  17. Dave Spoon "88" (Mark Knight and Funkagenda Remix)
  18. Basti Grub "Rambel In De Jangel"
  19. Brommage Dub "Pan Ting"
  20. John Tejada "La Mer"
  21. Ricardo Tobar "Boy Love Girl Song"
  22. Michoacan "2 Bullets"
  23. Matthias Meyer "Tout Va Bien"
  24. Amir feat. Eric D Clark "Body Circuit" (Pelle Buys Remix)
  25. Zoo Brazil "Birds"


Photo by NASA Goddard

So much music I hear these days is completely centered around immediate gratification; catchy maximalism to get drunk and rock out to... and I'm all for it. But there's another part of me that craves something deeper. I'm thinking 'black candle rave' here. Or a good outdoor party. These are some of my favorites right now; they're dubby, minimal and trippy as all hell. Featuring tracks by Arnaud Rebotini, Pierce, Extrawelt, Claude VonStroke, Agoria, Superpitcher, and a whole mess of tracks by the incredible Radio Slave. This one will make more sense the louder (and later) you play it.

  1. Dachshund "Somehow"
  2. Arnaud Rebotini "Meshuggah"
  3. Minilogue "The Leopard" (Extrawelt Remix)
  4. Jamelia "Beware of the Dog" (Radio Slave Instrumental)
  5. Agoria "Baboul Hair Cuttin'" (Radio Slave Remix)
  6. Pierce "Das Grosse Klick"
  7. Theo Parrish "Falling Up" (Carl Craig Mix)
  8. Mocky "Extended Vacation" (Radio Slave Mix)
  9. Claude VonStroke "Who's Afraid of Detroit"
  10. Superpitcher "Tonite"
  11. Chelonis R. Jones "Deer in the Headlights" (Radio Slave Remix)
  12. Donato Dozzy and Brando Lupi "Liquid"
  13. Radio Slave "Modena"
  14. Jaunt "Pulsar"