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My mixes have been getting increasingly dark lately, which is great, but this month I want to lighten things up a bit and think back.

This mix is reminiscent of my earlier posts on's upbeat, eclectic and references a number of styles, including electro, house, vocal, and more 'progressive' song structures.

  1. Maya Jane Coles "Beat Faster"
  2. Sascha Krohn "A Tree is a Tree"
  3. Dan Caster "Dirty Girl"
  4. Justin Martin "Get Low" (J Phlip Remix)
  5. Yeark "Betazoid"
  6. Wouter De Moor and Gideons Bouwens "We Don't Know"
  7. Matomic "Shadows"
  8. Rocketnumbernine "Matthew and Toby" (Four Tet Remix)
  9. Martin Brunner "Is It Hot"
  10. Tim Deluxe "See Lye"
  11. Ridney "At Night"
  12. C2H2 "Hindustani"
  13. Tektight "Automaker"
  14. Martin Brunner "Is It What"
  15. Decimal "Death Song"
  16. 2Raumwohnung "Angel of Germany" (Abe Duque Dub Remix)
  17. Fuckpony "I'm Burning Inside" (Paul Ritch Remix)
  18. Maya Jane Coles "Cool Down"


Photo by MG

Friends, there has been a lot going on in my life lately. I'm transitioning to a whole new era. In addition to continuing my work as a dedicated internet disc jockey I am proud to say that I am now officially a cemeterian. I know that it might seem strange to be happy about spending my days at a cemetery preparing graves, completing burials and tending to memorials, but it's true--I love it.

I've been busy getting ready to move and settling in to my new job so this mix is a bit off the cuff and packed with nervous excitement.

Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed this year. I wish you all the best this 'winter season.' See you in 2009!

  1. Disco Darlings feat Lady Victoria "Saxy Bitch" (Hoxton Whores Dub)
  2. Robbie Rivera feat. Rooster and Peralta "Move Move" (DJ Observer and Daniel Heatcliff Remix)
  3. King Unique "Dirty" (Fergie Remix)
  4. Axwell and Bob Sinclair feat. Ron Carroll "What a Wonderful World" (Instrumental)
  5. Dave Darell "Freeloader" (Club Mix)
  6. Daft Punk "Be More Time" (Laidback Luke Edit)
  7. Alex Metric "Caller"
  8. Radio Slave "Bell Clap Dance" (Slam Paragraph Remix)
  9. Canvas Stretchers "Stretch the Canvas"
  10. Pryda "Rakfunk"
  11. Reece "Taylor Made"
  12. Marcus Kaes "Roboto"
  13. Ilario Alicante and Delete "Going Straight to Caracas"
  14. Radio Slave "Eyes Wide Open"
  15. Rune RK "Kosimo"
  16. Kidda "Under the Sun" (Herve Remix)
  17. Don Rimini "Nervous Breakdown"
  18. Charlie Fanclub "Nightbreed"
  19. AC Slater "Jack Got Jacked" (Jack Beats Remix)
  20. Style of Eye "Ona"
  21. Spoon , Harris and Obernik "Baditude" (Gold Ryan and Tapesh Remix)
  22. The Drill "Piano Mano" feat. Firetruck and Antartica
  23. Blatta and Inesha "Blow Up"
  24. Radio Slave "Tantakatan" (The Drunken Shed Mix)
  25. Sis "Nesrib"
  26. Malente and Dex "Hyperactive" (Bombo Remix)
  27. Mason "The Ridge" (Tomcraft Remix)
  28. The Faint "The Geeks Were Right" (Boys Noize vs D.I.M. Remix)
  29. Ting Tings "Shut Up and Let Me Go" (Haji and Emanuel Remix)
  30. Diplo feat. Rye Rye "Wassup" (Crookers Remix)
  31. The Young Punx "Fire" (Phonat Remix)
  32. Steve Mac "Paddy's Revenge" (Club Mix)
  33. Shinichi Osawa "Star Guitar" (Japanese Popstars Remix)


Photo by Nick Ares

The days are getting shorter here in the northern hemisphere which is good in a way. I'll be forced to get off of the beach, out of the lake and cut my outdoor afternoon nap short. I can finally get serious about some of the important projects that I've been meaning to get under way. Like I have a bunch of video tutorials for actors to learn various accents. I've never been good at picking up languages so I figure that learning an accent is almost as good. It'll be cool to switch to a crazy accent whenever needed. I'm sure it will come in handy some time, or at least be good for telephone pranks.

I've been paying close attention to the electro blogs lately and according to the most astute analysts we are currently in an 'electro recession.' I can't help but agree. The most interesting tracks coming out these days are heavy tech rollers like Dubfire's remix of Radio Slave's "Grindhouse" (59:23 in the mix), indie vocal remixes like Kasper Bjorke's "Doesn't Matter" feat. Tomboy (38:20), and classic styled tracks that bring back memories of the golden age of electronic music like Runaway's "Brooklyn Club Jam" (52:05) and the Herz Aus Holz mix of Kollektiv Turmstrasse's "Holunderbaum" (80:50).

This one is a mix-heavy affair, and was inspired by my old disco 7"s from when I was a kid. If I hadn't listened to those tracks thousands of times during my formative years I'd be a different person today.

  1. Miss Kittin "Grace" (Sleeparchive Remix)
  2. Len Faki "Death By House"
  3. Proxy "Dance in the Dark"
  4. Groove Armada "Get Down" (Japanese Popstars Remix)
  5. Miles Dyson "Live in Mexico"
  6. HiJack "No More"
  7. Koen Groeneveld "Pan Pan"
  8. John Acquaviva, Ramon Zenker and A 2 Z "Bread and Butter" (Namito Remix)
  9. Audio Bullys "Gimme that Punk" (Block Remix)
  10. Housemeister "What You Want"
  11. Parker "Western Soul" (Miles Dyson Mix)
  12. Pitch and Hold "Volta"
  13. Koen Groeneveld "Wake Turbulence"
  14. Daniel Steinberg "Uptown"
  15. Michoacan "She's Silent" (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)
  16. Kasper Bjorke "Doesn't Matter" (Kasper Bjorke Remix feat. Tomboy)
  17. Max Linen "Neon Lights" (Thomas Schwartz Remix)
  18. Oxia vs Gino's and Snake "Seven" (Maxime Dangles Remix)
  19. Rennie Foster "Devil's Water"
  20. Runaway "Brooklyn Club Jam"
  21. Moguai "Kick Out the Jams" (Manuel Tur Remix)
  22. Radio Slave "Grindhouse" (Dubfire Terror Planet Remix)
  23. Broombeck "The Clapper" (Roberto Rodriguez and Jussi Pekka Don't Mind the Clap Mix)
  24. Fabio Gianelli "Trickertong"
  25. Harvey McKay "Output"
  26. Teka "Neon" (Fat Phaze Remix)
  27. Soulrack "Microfunk" (2000 & One and Dave Ellesmere Remix)
  28. Dj Wady and Patrik M "Hulk"
  29. Kollektiv Turmstrasse "Holunderbaum" (Herz Aus Holz Mix)
  30. M83 "Couleurs" (Jori Hulkkonen Remix)


Photo by MG

I've been thinking about the future a lot lately--not really far ahead, just like two to five years or so--and I'm trying to decide where to focus my attention. I'm trying to decide what to continue, what to let go of and what to change. has been the most rewarding musical exercise I've been a part of as a DJ. Thanks to everyone who enjoys the site. Thanks for your supportive messages and comments. And special thanks to Mave, Madlove, Kali and Maree.

This mix is a bit of a long'un at just over two hours, and it's a tribute to enjoying the simple things this summer like stashing a bottle of vodka in your beach bag, drinking a spiked slushie on the bus or enjoying a nice cold six-pack in the parking lot next to the beer and wine...

  1. Gary Beck vs Ilario Alicante "I Like to Serve"
  2. Daniele Papini "Church of Nonsense"
  3. Sunshine Jones "If You Wouldn't Mind" (Tiger Stripes Acid Dub)
  4. Cirez D "The Journey"
  5. Fergie "Senderoff"
  6. Two EM "Manjala" (Spektre Remix)
  7. Dj Dlg "Dimension"
  8. Jamtech Foundation feat. Busy Signal "Pounds of Dro"
  9. Stereo Palma "Dreaming" (D.O.N. Tekk Remix)
  10. Duke Walker "Worm" (Brainbug Mix)
  11. Mike Polo "I Love U Baby" (Jorgensen Remix)
  12. Louis La Roche "Get On Down"
  13. The Yardbirds "For Your Love" (Ursula 1000 Re-Think)
  14. Mimo and Marcus Schmahl "Mad Rush"
  15. Lil' Mo' Yin Yang "Reach" (Mark Knight Remix)
  16. Dirty South "The End" (Tocadisco Loves Tech Mix)
  17. Dohr and Mangold "Sunrise 5:30am" (Style of Eye Remix)
  18. Kaliber feat. Elodie "Is This For Love" (Mark Knight Remix)
  19. The Cars "Let the Good Times Roll" (Mike Genius Remix)
  20. Commander Yablo "Bus Stop"
  21. Deepest Blue "Miracle" (The Drill Remix)
  22. The Japanese Popstars "Sample Whore"
  23. Deadmau5 "Alone With You"
  24. Patrick Bateman "Walk Through the Sky" (Ink and Needle Remix)
  25. Armin Prayd "Jokuvamana City" (Stereofunk Remix)
  26. John Dahlback "Pyramid"
  27. Federico Grazzini "Moodha"
  28. Shlomi Aber "Quivery"
  29. Kaliber "18"
  30. Terence Fixmer "Avalanche"
  31. Jerome Sydenham and Tiger Stripes "Elevation" (Ink and Needle Remix)
  32. Remo "Ivision"
  33. Health "Heaven" (Pink Skull Remix)
  34. Gennaro Mastrantonio "Slim Slide"
  35. Mia "Can't Find You" (Kiki Remix)
  36. Oscar "Sparkling"
  37. Christian Burkhardt "Doubledub"
  38. Radio Slave "K-Maze"
  39. Ali Payami "Pictures"
  40. The Presets "This Boy's In Love" (Jori Hulkkonen Remix)


Photo by MG

I'm going through some sort of life change these days and I'm trying to figure it out. I find myself doing weird things. Like I'll stare out the window at a robin running around on the front grass listening for worms and after a while I start to well up and I'm not sure if I feel really happy or miserable. Where was I infected with this nagging sentimentality? I think I need to seriously look into getting a dog or some other small animal companion (or one of those cool sheep in the pic).

One of the first dj mixes that got me thinking about becoming a disc jockey was "70 Minutes of Madness - Journeys by DJ Coldcut" (1995). It combines a number of (now hopelessly dated) styles, textures and vibes in a relatively short, tight mix.

My mix takes a little shorter journey than Coldcut's "70 Minutes..." (it turned out to be exactly 55mins, which is anomalous) and it takes a really different path. It starts off in a chaise lounge at a day-party in my backyard (or yours), then after smoking too much weed it decides to go for an uneasy (yet psychedelically meaningful) walk. A little later it comes back to the party and 'drinks the fear away' while pumping up it's bike tires to go for what turns out to be the sweetest, most epic seaside bike ride of all time.

  1. Boys Noize "Oh!" (A-Track Remix)
  2. Sonny J "Enfant Terrible" (Riton Remix)
  3. Mescal Kid "Magic" (Mix 1)
  4. Electrixx feat. Jody Z "Clear My Head" (Oscar Remix)
  5. Michal Ho "Take Me Away" (Jona Remix)
  6. Style of Eye "The Prophet"
  7. Jean Claude Ades and Vincent Thomas "Shingaling"
  8. Radioplastic "Modern Age" (Napt Remix)
  9. Housemeister "Inordertodance"
  10. KIM "Fistogram"
  11. SebastiAn "Motor"
  12. Trip "Who's That" (Jack Beats Remix)
  13. Kissy Sell Out "Harriet" (Kissy's Special Annie Mac Edit feat. Bolt Action Five)
  14. Campari Bros "Tawik" (Maurizio Gubellini Mix)
  15. Strip Steve "Tommy Boy"
  16. The Heels "Bloody Rain" (Fat Phaze Remix)
  17. John Dahlback "Down With All"
  18. Ricardo Villalobos "Enfants" (Olin Fix)
  19. The Whitest Boy Alive "Golden Cage" (Fred Falke Remix)
  20. Pnau "Baby" (Breakbot Remix)


Photo by MG

Spring is in the air here on the West Coast of Canada. I can tell because outside my window the birds, who were so chilled out all winter, are now diving at each other and fighting for dominance. But that's what Spring is all about isn't it? LOVE. And what better kind is there than a brand new love?

This is a minimix compared to my last post; it's 18 tracks in about 50 mins. I start out heavy on the dancefloor, take a brief vacation, and bring it home fully tripped out.

  1. Rafael Frost "Run to You" (The Scumfrog Remix)
  2. Red Noize "Drop It" (Ben Delay Remix)
  3. Santiago and Bushido "Head Trick"
  4. Steve Angello and Laidback Luke "Be" (Instrumental Mix)
  5. Stupid Fresh "Stupid Theme" (Twocker Remix)
  6. Wekan "Skid" (Touche Remix)
  7. Elite Force "Used and Abused" (Zodiac Cartel Remix)
  8. Robot Needs Oil "Defected" (Giacomotto Remix)
  9. Das Pop "Fool For Love" (Yuksek Remix)
  10. Don Rimini "Let Me Back Up" (Crookers Remix)
  11. Luke Solomon "Space Invaders" (Andromat 3000 Remix)
  12. Mastiksoul "Jacobino"
  13. Broken and Dan Doran "Darbuka" (Dub Mix)
  14. Ultra Nate "Free (Curvve)" (Corbett and Troia Dub)
  15. Daniele Tignino "Do It"
  16. Jesse Voorn "Here It Comes"
  17. Mark Mendes "Beneath You"
  18. Robert M "Elektro Tape"


Photo by MG

Good day! It's been a little longer than usual since I've posted a new mix on, but there's been a lot going on. Last month I re-located to the amazing and beautiful Vancouver Island, but not before playing shows with the likes of legendary producer Prince Paul (De la Soul), and Wagon Repair recording artist HRDVSION. On top of that our crew threw the first Boom Boom Room Party complete with a packed house, rad vibes, and sweaty naked electro madness (literally). What a night! What a month! Thanks to all the peeps who were involved!

2007 has been a great year. I saw two of the best shows I've ever seen (Daft Punk and Roger Waters). I survived extremely long tattoo sessions (and completed two full sleeves) with the amazing Kurt Wiscombe with incredible results. I've made a crap-load of rad new friends both online and in real life. And now I'm poised to make some tracks myself in my new (albeit low fi) studio. Things are looking up!

Thanks again to everyone who visits and enjoys the site. Hello again to everyone who has contacted me through the site this year. It really is always great to hear from you. And I'd like to send a special shout out to the crazy amount of people checking out the site from Holland and Germany--all together I'm getting more visits from you than everyone else combined! Keep Rockin'! I'll be seeing you soon.

I'd recommend a bottle or two of champagne to go with this mix... but then again I'd recommend a bottle or two of champagne to go with just about anything! Enjoy.

  1. Calvin Harris "Merrymaking at My Place" (Deadmau5 Remix)
  2. Young Rebels / Francesco Diaz "Human Animal" (John Dahlback Remix)
  3. JdotP "Sid Bubble" (Cedric Gervais Remix)
  4. Robert M "Compressor" (Cheshire Catz Remix)
  5. Edison "Press Repeat" (Original Extended)
  6. Blaqstarr "Shake it to the Ground" (Claude VonStroke Remix)
  7. Kamisshake "Dark Beat" (Deadmau5 Vocal Remix)
  8. Juice String "Sex Weed" (Laidback Luke Remix)
  9. Noel Sinner "Pull Over"
  10. Popof "Alcoolic" (Noir Re-edit)
  11. Meat Katie / D Ramirez "Stop the Revolution" (Bassbin Twins Remix)
  12. Hardrox "Feel the Hardrock" (Laidback Luke Remix)
  13. Larry Tee feat. Princess Superstar "Licky" (Herve Goes Low Remix)
  14. Supersub "Shiny Bullets"
  15. Simian Mobile Disco "Hustler" (Armand Van Helden Remix)
  16. David Guetta "Baby When the Light" (Dirty South Remix)
  17. Aaren San "Osc Low Nyzz" (Blende Remix)
  18. Aft Rmk "Theme from Shout" (Johnny Crockett Remix)
  19. Magik Johnson "Asylum Sneaker"
  20. Dusty Kid "The Cat" (Crookers Remix)
  21. The Rapture "The Devil" (Alex Metric / Metricity Bootleg)
  22. Detect "Dance Division" (Blende Remix)
  23. White Groove "Easy Rider"
  24. Van She Tech vs Utah Saints "Something Good"
  25. Maxime Dangles "POF 807"
  26. KIM "Wet n Wild" (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)
  27. Detect "Dance Division" (Yuksek Remix)
  28. Marascia / Dusty Kid "Plumbi"
  29. Tocadisco "Morumbi"
  30. Tommy Trash / Tom Piper "Fuck to the Bass" (Tommy Trash's Yayayamix)
  31. Azzido Da Bass feat. Adrian Holtz "So Wrong" (Speaker Junkies Just Grinding Remix)
  32. The Whip "Sister Siam" (Justin Robertson Remix)
  33. Spicelab "Re-Start"
  34. Etienne de Crecy "Funk"
  35. Turbofunk "Gotta Move" (Air Bureau Remix)
  36. Peplab "ET" (Peplab's Classic Treat Mix)
  37. Robyn / Kleerup "With Every Heartbeat" (Tong and Spoon Wonderland Mix)


Photo by MG

It's Fall, a time for change. And since I've had so much on my plate lately, I've been spending way too much time procrastinating and sifting through all of the the rad new releases of this past month. Here are twenty five of the sickest offerings of Fall 2007 in a 58 minute mix. And believe me, there have been some beauties this season. Like the Jesse Rose remix of Armand Van Helden's latest offering "Playmate" (15:33 in the mix). The old school microphone stylings and indie breakdown along with Rose's wicked bass make for an excellent and very new disco sounding track. The Spirals' "Without Control" remixed by Jet Project (24:10) is beautiful and very Daft Punk-esque. It's definitely one of my favorites right now. Deadmau5 has been in the top 5 on Beatport for the past while with his amazing track "Not Exactly" (27:07). He masterfully combines rhythmic grooviness and epic vibes to form an emotive, dancefloor-heavy track. Another of my absolute faves right now is the Jimpster remix of Justin Martin's "Sad Piano" (45:10). The off beat piano sample and the driving disco bassline make for another bad assed and very Fall-sounding track.

I hope you're having a great Fall season wherever you are.

  1. Dubfire "Roadkill"
  2. Jerome Isma-Ae "Phantom"
  3. Swen Weber "Maya" (Acid Rework Mix)
  4. Young Rebels and Francesco Diaz "It's Our Future" (Solee Remix)
  5. D Ramirez feat. Dimitry Bobrov "Pleasure Me"
  6. Jaimie Fanatic "Found More" (Laidback Luke Remix)
  7. Miles Dyson "Track From Hell"
  8. Armand Van Helden "Playmate" (Jesse Rose Remix)
  9. Autokratz "It's On"
  10. Bag Raiders "Fun Punch"
  11. Dragonette "Take It Like a Man" (Kissy Sell Out Remix)
  12. The Spirals "Without Control" (Jet Project Remix)
  13. Deadmau5 "Not Exactly"
  14. Fergie "Snapper"
  15. Fratty vs Marko "Jam" (Fratty Zone Mix)
  16. Butch "On the Line" (Swen Weber Remix)
  17. Dave Lee "Latronica" (Dave Spoon Club Mix)
  18. Dirty South vs Led Zeppelin "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 2007"
  19. Kid Circus pres. Barbara From Brazil "O for Oranges"
  20. Kenneth Bager "Fragment Seven (Les Fleurs)" (Jesse Rose Remix)
  21. Dejan Galic "Abbey Draught"
  22. Justin Martin "The Sad Piano" (Jimpster Remix)
  23. Compuphonic and Kolombo "Antimatter"
  24. Joy Kitikonti, Scalambrin and Sicily Pleasure "Munich 2007"
  25. Moonbeam "Forgotten Feeling"


Photo by MG

Well, it's the end of the season and I'm trying to cram as much Summer fun into my life as I can before the leaves start dropping; beach trips, vacations, patio beers and walks in the sun abound right now. This mix is very reflective of this burst of activity. These are 28 of my favorite new tracks squeezed into a 60 minute set that I hope will appease even the most easily bored electronic music fans.

  1. Jeff Samuel "Fire"
  2. Justin Robertson "Pylontheory"
  3. Egon "Frail Garden"
  4. Oliver Giacomotto "Gail in the O" John Acquaviva and Damon Jee Remix
  5. Kolombo "Low Swing"
  6. Therese "Feelin' Me" Armand Van Helden Remix
  7. AFT "Columbian Soul" Knight and Ramirez Remix
  8. Gabriel Ananda "Atropin"
  9. Leema and Moor "Distance Between Us" Streetlife Remix
  10. Teifschwarz "Lionel"
  11. Meat vs Einzelkind "Not a Musical Masterpiece"
  12. Lutzenkirchen "Ilyushin"
  13. Audiofly and Paul Harris "Miscalate"
  14. Kolombo vs Nemio "Skalpy" Ramon Tapia Remix
  15. Crackdown "Sensoria" Kolombo Remix
  16. Plasmik "Mindpattern"
  17. Marcus Lange and Daniel Dexter "Stepback"
  18. James Harcourt "Tease" Tobias Lutzenkirchen Remix
  19. John Dahlback "Sting"
  20. Kamisshake "I Can't Get E-nof"
  21. Tomboy "I Kill Guitar"
  22. Michel De Hey "Dogmatic"
  23. Stephan Bodzin "Treibsand"
  24. Phones "Sharpen the Knives"
  25. Pate No 1 "Shining Star" Ben Macklin Remix
  26. Para One "Dudun-Dun" MSTRKRFT Remix
  27. Ost and Kjex "Shanghai My Cheddar"
  28. Nudisco "Rock Im-Puls"


Photo by MG

Here’s a selection of some of my favorite tracks from the Summer of 2007 so far. This mix is monster sized at just over two hours--what can I say, I've been feeling inspired since the absolutely unbelievable Daft Punk show in Seattle last weekend. I've divided the mix into two parts for easier downloading, and in case you want to burn it to 'compact' disk. The player below will play the mix in it's entirety.

This has been an incredible season for tracks. Anything from low fidelity indie disco treats to spooky vocal numbers to hands in the air dancefloor fillers to tricked out classics to weird heavy rollers to dance rock remixes... and on and on. It's all here in this fresh multinational mix featuring the likes of Riot in Belgium, Tomboy, Hot Chip, Kenzo, Junior Boys, Discemi, Claude VonStroke, Laidback Luke, Justin Martin, Audiofly, Herve, Remo, Tommy Four Seven, Lifelike, and more.

I hope you're having an awesome summer wherever you are. And I'd like to thank everyone who has messaged me from Vancouver and around the world. Your encouragement is deeply appreciated.

  1. Juergen Paape "West" (Kompakt)
  2. Kenzo "Workin' it Out" Audiofly rmx (Music To Die For)
  3. Laidback Luke "Molotov" (Joia Sweden)
  4. Tocadisco "Hummer" (Superstar Germany)
  5. Muttonheads "Acid" Alex Kenji rmx (Serial France)
  6. Square One "Vesuvius" Justin Martin's I hope it doesn't blow mix (Freerange)
  7. Roisin Murphy "Overpowered" Herve and Roisin In the Secret Garden (EMI)
  8. Laidback Luke "Down with the Mustard" (Refune Sweden)
  9. John Dahlback "Blink" (Pickadoll Germany)
  10. Solee "Different" Roman Salzger rmx (Parquet)
  11. Remo "Septima" (Re Wind Italy)
  12. Desktop Prostitutes "Average" (code: REFR002)
  13. Rework "Love Love Love Yeah" (Playhouse Germany)
  14. Gregor Salto and DJ Madskillz "Embryo" (G-Rex Spain)
  15. Tomboy - “Flamingo” KIM remix (Gomma Germany)
  16. Junior Boys "In the Morning" Hot Chip rmx (Domino)
  17. "Born Slippy 2007" (white)
  18. Workidz "Work It" (Montini Belgium)
  19. Tommy Four Seven "Pink White Glue" (Love Minus Zero)
  20. Super Flu "She" (Traum Germany)
  21. Rossell ft. Emma "Dancing with Strangers" Lifelike rmx
  22. Tommy Four Seven "The Invisible" (Love Minus Zero)
  23. Headman "On and On" Riot in Belgium rmx
  24. Ricksick "Messenger" Eric Laville rmx
  25. Dusty Kid "Kore" (Boxer Germany)
  26. Julian Jeweil "Air Conditionne" Sebastien Leger rmx
  27. The Screetch "The Screetch" Dusty Kid rmx
  28. Supertramp "Goodbye Stranger" One Night Stand mix (white)
  29. Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso "Umbrella" (white)
  30. Claude VonStroke "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" Claude VonStroke and Julio Ingles Miami Doodoo Bootleg
  31. Tony Rohr "Marriot Acid" (Podium)
  32. Markus Lange and Daniel Dexter "Stepback" (Craft Germany)
  33. Durchblick "Treppenhausherbst" (Tonsport Gruppe Germany)
  34. Oliver Klein "Kraft" Gui Boratto Version (IO Music)
  35. Discemi "Data Sapiens" (Rekids)


Photo by ecodallaluna

This mix is all about electro-rock! Cajuan, Digitalism, Hot Chip, Primes, Depeche Mode, Klaxons, Nitzer Ebb, Boys Noize. I have a bunch of really fresh tracks these days. I recently recieved a pre-release copy of "Facades and Pink Forms," the new album by Vancouver's electronic punk champs, Primes and I couldn't resist putting three tracks from it in this mix. Thanks guys, awesome stuff! "Facades and Pink Forms" will be released soon on the Washington DC label Postfact Records. I also have a remix of the amazing new Digitalism track "Pogo" which is sure to be a summer hit. The Thomas Bangaltier remix of Dj Mehdi's "Signatune" is another insanely good track. It's the kind of song that makes you walk a bit taller as you're treading down the block. The video is great too, and you can check it out here.

This mix was a tricky one to put together, but well worth it. These are some of my favorite rock inspired tracks from the past year or so (and the past couple of weeks), with epic interludes scattered here and there to space out your head.

  1. Hot Chip "Boy From School" (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework) EMI
  2. Boys Noize "Haldern" Turbo
  3. Primes "Weapons Tanks Fire" Postfact
  4. Cajuan "Raven" (Cajuan's Moog Rave Mix) Fine
  5. Digitalism "Pogo" (On the Road to Paris Remix) Kitsune
  6. Dj Mehdi "Signatune" (Thomas Bangaltier Edit) Because Music
  7. Gui Boratto "It's Majik" Plastic City
  8. Depeche Mode "Never Let Me Down Again" (Digitalism Remix) Mute
  9. Chloe "Take Care" (Tim Paris Rough Version) Crack and Speed
  10. Primes "Paranoid Freeze" Postfact
  11. Alexi Delano and Jesper Dahlback "Maybe Later" Harthouse
  12. Artificial Latvamaki "It Is Not Now Either" Mezzotinto
  13. Alexis Tyrel "Rebecca Loos" (Gui Boratto Remix) Weave
  14. Primes "Facades and Pink Forms" Postfact
  15. Eyerer and Chopstick "She Loves It!" (Audiofly Remix) Underwater
  16. Klaxons "Gravity's Rainbow" (Van She Remix) Kitsune
  17. Nitzer Ebb "Control I'm Here" (Dubfires Jamrock Remix) Mute
  18. X-Press 2 feat. Rob Harvey "Kill 100" (Radio Slave Remix) Fine
  19. Ink and Needle "Tatoo Four" White


Photo by MG

Here's a selection of some of my favorite tracks from the spring of 2007. I'm particularly partial to Steve Murano's massive rework of "The Way I Do" by 2-4 Grooves (14:25 into the set)--absolutely ridiculously sick. I'm also loving Gui Boratto's "Beautiful Life" (31:27) from his album "Chromophobia." It totally reminds me of old 4AD records stuff, like Lush. It's big and melodic and, in my opinion, very Spring.

This mix starts on a sweaty Berlin dancefloor and ends up tranced out in a field somewhere. Anyone else up for some major outdoor partyage this summer?

  1. Dejonka feat. Piemont "Headcruise" Klang Gymnastik
  2. Remo "Mizar" Confused
  3. Acid Pauli "Gwar is Not the Answer" Smaul
  4. ADJD aka Alexi Delano and Jesper Dahlback "How About that Thing?" Harthouse
  5. 2-4 Grooves “The Way I Do” (Steve Muranos Electro Makeover) Scorpio (France)
  6. Trashtalk "Spanish Fly" Craft
  7. Solee "Impressed" Parquet (Germany)
  8. The Fix "Medication Time" Yeah:No
  9. Gui Boratto "Beautiful Life" Kompakt
  10. Sandiego "Rogoredo" Trapez
  11. Stylophonic "Baby Beat Box" (Audiofly Remix) Phouse (Italy)
  12. Sebastian Roya "Distancias De Noche" Connaisseur
  13. Oliver Huntemann "Sao Paulo" Confused
  14. Redshape "Species" Present
  15. Bukaddor and Fishbeck "Polterabend" My Best Friend
  16. Mia "Swoon" (Shonky rmx) Substatic
  17. Zander VT "Dig Your Own Rave" Memo


Photo by Hamish Duncan

This mix is a heavy hitter. When I'm rockin' it on the dance floor having some laughs and exchanging hi-fives this is what I want to hear. Bass hooks and synth stabs galore. Featuring tracks by The Drill, Jerome Isma-Ae, Finform, Johnny Crockett, Terranova, Madox, Claude VonStroke and more.

  1. Claude VonStroke - "Chimps"
  2. Santos - "Camels" (Trick and Kubic Remix)
  3. Finform - "Steffi"
  4. The Drill - "One More Night"
  5. a2z - "Sugar Fix"
  6. John Acquaviva and Madox - "Feedback"
  7. Jerome Isma-Ae - "Rokit" (Tomcraft Remix)
  8. 909d1sco - "Donnerstag"
  9. Miles Dyson vs. Blende - "Massenbewegungsmittel"
  10. Oliver Huntemann - "Fashion Show"
  11. Claude VonStroke - "Beware of the Bird"
  12. Chris Lake - "Changes" (Dirty South Remix)
  13. Ryan Davis - "Airport"
  14. Eric Prydz vs. Floyd - "Proper Education"
  15. Johnny Crockett - "E for Electro" (Delano and Crockett rmx)
  16. Austin Leeds and Terranova - "Only You"
  17. In-N-Out - "Musika Automatika"