Space Heads Mix

Photo by KW

This mix is a long one at just under two hours. It's a collection of my favourite tracks right now, most of which have a touch of drama while keeping the groove strictly on the dancefloor.

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Whole Lot of Love Mix

This mix is meant to be uplifting and was made to celebrate a life well lived, and a life worth living--free of inhibitions and fear, and full of love.

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This mix is rife with dreamy drama and sleepy tension. It's inspired by night walks, feelings of yearning and relentless insomnia.

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This mix brings together uniquely textured tracks and builds in intensity as it progresses. It's inspired by sleepless nights spent ruminating about the past and uneasily anticipating the future.

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Rough Patches Mix

This is an ecclectic mix of storming techno numbers, retro house grooves, sinister synth stompers, foggy organic jams and more.

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Fireside Mix

Photo by Rod Troch

This mix is a collection of songs I've been listening to a lot lately. It's meant to brighten up these long winter nights and take you somewhere warm for a while.

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Cleansing Ritual Mix

This mix is a heavy one. It's an imaginary rave complete with smoke, lasers, a quaking soundsystem, and most importantly, a room full of sweaty fist pumping friends.

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This mix is eerie, along the same lines as the Haunted Hallway mix. It's a spooky time of year and an unsettled time of life.

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Sleep Mix

Photo by Hubble

This mix is a sprawling epic, inspired by the need to move on, and wanting to never let go.

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Shaky Legs Mix

Photo by Jo Jakeman

This mix is reminiscent of my earlier posts on jimrebel.com--it's upbeat, eclectic and references a number of styles, including electro, house, vocal, and more 'progressive' song structures.

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Woodshed Mix

Photo by Kelsey Courtney

This mix is inspired by irrational fears--real, imagined and otherwise.

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In the Clouds Mix One

Photo by Angus MacRae

Part One takes off on a runway made of pins and needles.

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In the Clouds Mix Two

Photo by Swamibu

Part Two is a tearful glance at an old photograph rife with smoke filled memories of friends and past lives.

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In the Clouds Mix Three

Photo by Barto

Part Three is a long shot, a dark breathless omniscient landscape, a closed eye in the sky.

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Blown Mix

Photo by Greg Willis

This is a mix-heavy hour and a half, tripping through a range of sounds all squarely aimed at the dance floor. Turn the lights down.

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Cruel Summer Mix

Photo by Louisiana GOHSEP

This mix mingles stripped down punchy tracks with more expansive and emotive tunes. The mood is jaunty, sinister, and heartfelt.

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This mix takes a mucky kaleidoscopic flight that starts off in dark branches, and slowly angles toward a golden slice of moon in a warm night sky.

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This mix is fueled by amazing memories, as well as a great sadness that a like-minded individual and friend has died. The punk music in this mix is a fairly typical play list from the old days. These songs really bring me back to the best years of my friendship with Kevin, and the politics of this music will always resonate with me.

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Love Life Mix

Photo by Ben Ketaro

This mix floats between eerie tensions and uneasy openings. The tracks are like my garden--organic, spacious, somewhat orderly but messy in places, and potentially delicious.

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Back on the Wall Mix

Photo by Mave Gibson

This mix is casual and uplifting in a spaced out kind of way. It's inspired by the fresh spring air blowing through my open window.

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In the Bricks Mix

Photo by MG

This mix is full of smoke, dusty photographs and reminiscence and is an aggregate of my favorite tracks to come out for a long while--there's definitely a vibe here that references a lot of the electronic music that makes up the foundation for what I listen to (and listen for) in current releases.

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Pushed Around Mix

Photo by MG

This mix is, for the most part, a heavy one. It is dedicated to anyone who has ever stood up to corruption, convention or 'common sense' and said "No. Things don't have to be this way." You are my heroes.

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This mix is a space epic, inspired by all the other inhabitable planets out there.

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Festive Mess Mix

Photo by Robert S Donovan

This mix is a festive toast to comfortable company, and some of the best cooking and baking I've ever eaten in my life.

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Ghost in a Tree Mix

Photo by John Morgan

I've been really into two fairly specific styles of track lately. One is spacey and moody, ethereal or 'ghost-like.' The other is more organic, with sounds sampled from 'traditional' instruments. This mix marries these two styles and incorporates a definite 'tip of the hat' to the classic early 90s era of electronic music.

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Heads Mix

Photo by James Cridland

This is a travelling mix, so to speak--inspired by a lust for life... and rain on the windshield.

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Fly as a Kite Mix

Photo by May Wong

This mix is wistful, eclectic and is the third part of what has become a summer trilogy including the Flotation Device and Hot and Bothered mixes. It is inspired by the joys that can come with change, and the ability to comfortably let go of the past.

Download this mix [143.53 MB]    


This mix is lively and fun. I mix up the beats a bit as well. There are breakbeats, 'bmore' beats, lo-fi and hi-fi beats... and plenty of bass to shake things up a bit.

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This mix is all about the lighter things. It's more a pound of feathers than a pound of lead, if you catch my drift, and is inspired by how a good laugh can sometimes change everything.

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With this mix I go back to basics: make it sound like something is either happening, or about to happen. The result is a stormer--perfect for road trips to old cities, visits to small islands, and flights, both international and fanciful.

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Two Years Mix

Photo by MG

I’ve never been very good at celebrating milestones in my life, but today I’m happy to say that this mix roughly marks the two year anniversary of jimrebel.com. This mix is fraught with tension, and was heavily inspired by the voices a seventh cup of coffee can bring to a sleepless mind.

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Haunted Hallway Mix

Photo by MG

This mix is a bit spooky. It's inspired by the breathing sounds I heard in the hallway the other day, and how I felt when I called out and realized there was no one there.

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Rolling With You Mix

Photo by MG

I've been busy preparing to move and settling in to my new job so this mix is a bit off the cuff and packed with nervous excitement.

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Lightening Up Mix

Photo by Lori Kiessling

"Lightening Up" is a small collection of tracks that I've been listening to a lot lately. I think the tone of the mix reflects my own tearily happy mood. It's sure nice to get some good news.

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So Damn Disco Mix

Photo by Nick Ares

This one is a mix-heavy affair, and was inspired by my old disco 7"s from when I was a kid. If I hadn't listened to those tracks thousands of times during my formative years I'd be a different person today.

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Breather Mix

Photo by MG

This mix swims darkly. I've selected these tracks mainly for their texture and moodiness--reflections of light on the surface of a deep and ever present abyss.

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Slummer 2008 Mix

Photo by MG

This mix is a bit of a long'un at just over two hours, and it's a tribute to enjoying the simple things this summer like stashing a bottle of vodka in your beach bag, drinking a spiked slushie on the bus or enjoying a nice cold six-pack in the parking lot next to the beer and wine...

Download this mix [229.24 MB]    


Third Beach Mix

Photo by MG

This is something of a Lifelike tribute mix. I think that Lifelike is the best remixer of 2008 (so far) and his tracks are so perfect for summer. Here are my favorite Lifelike tracks and a few songs that have a similar vibe in a fifty minute mix that's just perfect for beach ghetto blaster action this season.

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Spacehaus Mix

Photo by MG

This mix is much more subtle and spacious than my last few mixes. It runs just over an hour and has some of my favorite tech-style tracks from the past month or so...

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Spacehaus Reprise

Photo by Ian Buchanan

This is a small mix (37mins) of slightly more minimal tracks that I think makes a friendly companion to the spacehaus mix.

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Be Alright Mix

Photo by MG

This mix starts off in a chaise lounge at a day-party in my backyard (or yours), then after smoking too much weed it decides to go for an uneasy (yet psychedelically meaningful) walk. A little later it comes back to the party and 'drinks the fear away' while pumping up it's bike tires to go for what turns out to be the sweetest, most epic seaside bike ride of all time.

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April Mixtape

Photo by MG

This mix is a little different. After the crazy intensity of my last few dancefloor-centric outings I really wanted to make a mix with some of the more 'indie' sounding songs I've had on repeat lately...

Download this mix [95.26 MB]    


Brand New Love Mix

Photo by MG

This is a minimix compared to my last post; it's 18 tracks in about 50 mins. I start out heavy on the dancefloor, take a brief vacation, and bring it home fully tripped out.

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Champagne Mix

Photo by MG

I'd recommend a bottle or two of champagne to go with this mix... but then again I'd recommend a bottle or two of champagne to go with just about anything! Enjoy.

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Fall 2007 Top Tracks Mix

Photo by MG

It's Fall, a time for change. And since I've had so much on my plate lately, I've been spending way too much time procrastinating and sifting through all of the the rad new releases of this past month. Here are twenty five of the sickest offerings of Fall 2007 in a 58 minute mix...

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Powerhaus Mix

Photo by MG

These are 28 of my favorite new tracks squeezed into a 60 minute set that I hope will appease even the most easily bored electronic music fans...

Download this mix [83.98 MB]    


This has been an incredible season for tracks. Anything from low fidelity indie disco treats to spooky vocal numbers to hands in the air dancefloor fillers to tricked out classics to weird heavy rollers to dance rock remixes... and on and on. It's all here in this fresh multinational mix...

Download this mix [173.93 MB]    


These are some of my favorite rock inspired tracks from the past year or so (and the past couple of weeks), with epic interludes scattered here and there to space out your head...

Download this mix [97.77 MB]    

Here's a selection of some of my favorite tracks from the spring of 2007. This mix starts on a sweaty Berlin dancefloor and ends up tranced out in a field somewhere.

Download this mix [99.97 MB]    


So much music I hear these days is completely centered around immediate gratification; catchy maximalism to get drunk and rock out to... and I'm all for it. But there's another part of me that craves something deeper...

Download this mix [92.51 MB]    


I'm spinning mostly techno these days, but I felt compelled to do a tribute mix for Jackie Mittoo, the Keyboard King of Studio One. He was a true genius on the keyboards, and I could only imagine what kind of music he'd be making with today's technology if he were still with us.

Download this mix [57.99 MB]    


This mix is a heavy hitter. When I'm rockin' it on the dance floor having some laughs and exchanging hi-fives this is what I want to hear...

Download this mix [96.73 MB]