Photo by MG

It's officially Summer on the west coast of Canada and I'm looking forward to some of the best things about this time of year: comfortable company, barbecue smoke, cloud watching, a warm breeze, colourful flowers, trails of baby ducks... I enjoy these things and cherish them but as I'm stretched out on the sand, tying up the hammock or making a miraculous frisbee catch I am amazed at how such lightness is pressed up so closely with heaviness: the rocks at the breakwater, the entire beach of sand, the sun and the earth itself. How a weightless glint of sunshine can dance on the ocean.

This mix is all about the lighter things. It's more a pound of feathers than a pound of lead, if you catch my drift, and is inspired by how a good laugh can sometimes change everything.

  1. Fred Falke "909 PM At The Beach"
  2. Anoraak "Nightdrive With You"
  3. Cut Copy "Hearts On Fire" (Knightlife Remix)
  4. Pryda "Melo"
  5. Calvin Harris "I'm Not Alone" (Deadmau5 Remix)
  6. Guy J "Shaman"
  7. Sebastien Leger "Majestic"
  8. The Bobbleheads "Everybody's Doin' It" (Deepswing's Hollywood Groove)
  9. Spencer Parker "The Girls In Pink"
  10. Pryda "Lift"
  11. Friendly Fires "Skeleton Boy" (Air France Remix)
  12. Louis La Roche "Peach"
  13. MMMatthias "James"
  14. Sebastien Leger "Majuro"
  15. Shonky "Coco Feel and Love Shonk"
  16. Alex Q "Mejis"
  17. Kleerup "Until We Bleed" with Lykke Li
  18. Lifelike "Sequencer"
  19. La Roux "In 4 The Kill" (Heartbreak Remix)
  20. Popnoname "Touch" (The Field Remix)