Blown Mix

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Photo by Greg Willis



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This is a mix-heavy hour and a half, tripping through a range of sounds all squarely aimed at the dance floor. Turn the lights down.

  1. Marcel Knopf “Rec-chord” (Luna City Express Remix)
  2. Oscar Barila and Vinylkid “Medianoche En Bhopal” (Oscar Remix)
  3. Olene Kadar “Asidd Trop” (1989 Edit)
  4. Luna City Express “Mr. Jack” (Robags Edna Mompf Remix)
  5. Janet Maier “Mesmerizing” (Ping! Remix)
  6. Anthony Rother “Disco Light” (&Me Remix)
  7. Nikola Gala “The Process” (Acid On Mix)
  8. Dolly La Parton “It’s Just a Thing”
  9. Phunklarique and Dejonka “Snap Upward” (Andreas Henneberg Remix)
  10. Subskrpt “We’ll Be Fine”
  11. Florian Meindl “The Theorem”
  12. Justin Martin and Ardalan “Mr. Spock”
  13. Rickzor and Rumme “Nice” (DJ Emerson Evil Mix)
  14. Joel Mull and Dustin Zahn “Bossa Nova” (Pan-Pot Remix)
  15. Maetrik “Relax”
  16. DJ Pierre feat. Dawn Tallman “The Spirit” (Steve Parker Remix)
  17. MarSET “For this Time”
  18. Mladen Tomic “Fly and Drive”
  19. Secret Cinema and Ramon Tapia “Pass the Dutchie” (Reset Robot Remix)
  20. Thomas Schumacher “Bandera” (Hermanez Remix)
  21. Sander Kleinenberg “R.Y.A.N.L.” (Pleasurekraft Remix)
  22. Sasha Wins and Igor Shep “Charoplet” (Guillom and Benales Remix)
  23. Shlomi Aber “Groove Mechanism”
  24. Audionatica and Fictionizer “Space” (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
  25. Nihil Young and Ninetto “Doomed” (Gary Beck Remix)
  26. D. Diggler “Ultramarine” (Dustin Zahn’s For the Sheep Remix)



 Steven ·  4 October 2010

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