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Nothing plays on the imagination in a more ambivalent way than uncertainty. One day feels ecstatic—the start of a new life, the shedding of outmoded thought and perception, freedom from captivity—and the next feels like a drudgery of repeated mistakes, the resurfacing of old insecurities, a dark and inescapable sentence.

This mix swims darkly. I’ve selected these tracks mainly for their texture and moodiness—reflections of light on the surface of a deep and ever present abyss.

  1. Masomenos “Cot Cot”
  2. Tom Pooks “Claire De Lune”
  3. Varoslav and Okain “Season”
  4. Oel and Polygon “I Hate the Grid” (Exercise One Remix)
  5. Ruede Hagelstein “Modest Theme”
  6. Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke “The White Flash” (Trentemoller Remix)
  7. Trisomie 21 “No Search For Us” (The Hacker Remix)
  8. Tiger and Dragon “Feel” (Lissat and Voltaxx Remix)
  9. Haruki Matsuo “Triangle In Box”
  10. Watson “Basin Head”
  11. The Per Eckbo Orchestra “Kodo Verano”
  12. Minilogue “Jamaica” (Dubfire Dreadmill Remix)
  13. M83 “Don’t Save Us from the Flames” (Superpitcher Remix)
  14. Anthony Collins “Reeves”
  15. Luca and Paul “Mad About James”
  16. Alex Picone “Furby”
  17. Dave Spoon “88” (Mark Knight and Funkagenda Remix)
  18. Basti Grub “Rambel In De Jangel”
  19. Brommage Dub “Pan Ting”
  20. John Tejada “La Mer”
  21. Ricardo Tobar “Boy Love Girl Song”
  22. Michoacan “2 Bullets”
  23. Matthias Meyer “Tout Va Bien”
  24. Amir feat. Eric D Clark “Body Circuit” (Pelle Buys Remix)
  25. Zoo Brazil “Birds”



Thank you!!!!

 Maree · 14 August 2008

Sweet mix, Jim. I can’t wait for Michelle to hear this, she’ll love it! Keep up the great work.

Peace & respect,


 Patrick · 15 August 2008

great fukken mix dude

 madlove · 30 August 2008

Yet another super sweet mix!!

 mo · 22 September 2008

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