Cleansing Ritual Mix

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Surely I’m not alone when I say that I’ve never cleaned so much in my life. Whether washing my hands, cleaning groceries, laundering clothes or scrubbing whatever necessary, I can not remember any time so brutally cleanly.

While it’s difficult to think about the future in any clear way, my mind constantly sifts through my past. Memories of good times and new discoveries appear alongside thoughts of shame and regret. I find myself constantly working to cleanse my mind of negative and fatalistic thoughts, sometimes successfully and sometimes not.

This mix is a heavy one. It’s an imaginary rave complete with smoke, lasers, a quaking soundsystem, and most importantly, a room full of sweaty fist pumping friends.

  1. Nikolay Kirov and Axis Of Time “The Thousand and One Nights” (Tiger Stripes Remix)
  2. Thomas Schumacher “Crimson”
  3. Industrialyzer “Snake Whisperer”
  4. Dusty Kid “Rage 3”
  5. Superstrobe “Hyperactive”
  6. Tiger Stripes “Until the Early Light”
  7. Reinier Zonneveld and Andra6 “All I Want You To Do”
  8. Reinier Zonneveld “Feel Free”
  9. Lonely “1994” (Tiger Stripes Remix)
  10. Hans Bouffmyhre “Clear Conscience”
  11. Jane Oak “The Reality”
  12. Joyhauser “Elements”
  13. Rudosa “Work It”
  14. Dave Simon “Stripes of Soden” (TWCOR Remix)
  15. Anfisa Letyago “Take It Easy” (Filterheadz Remix)
  16. Charlotte de Witte “Selected”
  17. Marcal “Biohazard”
  18. Radio Slave “Stay Out All Night”
  19. Gecko “Just Close Your Eyes”
  20. DJ Emerson “Spc” (Edit)
  21. Tiger Stripes “Resistance”
  22. Toni Alvarez “Daparox”
  23. Temudo “Tough To Say”


Oh Em Gee! Thank you so much for this, Jim. Loving it. Whee!

 Maree Lien · 23 November 2020

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