Jackie Mittoo Tribute Mix

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I’m spinning mostly techno these days, but I felt compelled to do a tribute mix for the late Jackie Mittoo on what would have been his 59th Birthday. Jackie is a hero of mine. He was a true genius on the keyboards, and I could only imagine what kind of music he’d be making with today’s technology if he were still with us. He could truly sing through the keys. Jackie started playing piano in the Skatalites when he was 15 and from there went on to help form the sound we know today as reggae. Cheers, to Jackie.

  1. Drum Song
  2. Darker Shade of Black
  3. Take Ten
  4. Chicken and Booze
  5. Killer Diller
  6. Juice Box
  7. Voodoo Moon
  8. Hot and Cold
  9. Black Organ
  10. Wall Street
  11. Totally Together
  12. Henry the Great


Thanks buddy,
Keep the mixes and music history coming!

 Nicole ·  5 March 2007

dude. killer set. i get it. maren from stunk mitt b-day next sat.call me.

 torpedoq · 27 March 2007

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