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I was reading a book on animal behavior the other day and I came across a memorable passage about wolves. When a pack of wolves howl they are displaying their unity with the pack, but while howling they each change their pitch so that their individual howl is different from the others. No wolf wants to end up on the same note as another. This struck me as a pretty cool character trait, and an interesting combination of unification and individualization that I never knew existed before.

I’ve been building a vegetable garden in my yard the past while and as I garden I think about life—usually in the form of impatiently waiting for things to grow, but also in a more mortal way. The subtle complexities of a simple thing can ease my mind and melt away the static of a repetitious life. I spend my days at a cemetery and my evenings in my garden, and both remind me where we go, and what we all eventually become.

This mix floats between eerie tensions and uneasy openings. The tracks are like my garden—organic, spacious, somewhat orderly but messy in places, and potentially delicious.

  1. SIS “Break Down”
  2. Masomenos “Merci Julie” feat. Curro Savoy
  3. Martin Buttrich “Back it Up”
  4. Metrika “Paradox” (Spencer Parker’s Gun for Hire Remix)
  5. APM 001 “Migrants” (Sei A Remix)
  6. Solomun “Cloud Dancer” (Manuel Tur’s Syphon Drum Mix)
  7. To Rococo Rot “Forwardness” (Traversable Wormhole Remix)
  8. Radio Slave “N.I.N.A.”
  9. Mike Shannon “Under the Radar” feat. Fadila (Deadbeat Mix)
  10. Gary Beck “Limehouse”
  11. Nelski “Body Pop” feat. Tom Gandey (Radio Slave Remix)
  12. Till Von Sein “Sundowna” (Dyed Soundorom and Shonky Remix)
  13. Sabb “Ballkanika” feat. Dark Beat
  14. Ellen Allien “Our Utopie”
  15. Ripperton “Random Violence”
  16. Ryan Davis “Zodiac”
  17. Basti Grub “Little Life”
  18. Caie! “Breakdown” feat. Lagora (SIS Remix)


Homo homini lupus est

 Fandorin · 30 May 2010

So glad you included the incredible Ripperton track. Now I have to get a better sound system! This is an outstanding mix, as always, Jim! :^D

 Maree · 31 May 2010

Jim I’m about to listen to the mix. I still havn’t seen your pad yet this garden sounds yummy.


 Andrew · 14 June 2010

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