Pushed Around Mix

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It’s always a strange feeling to be deceived. To realize that someone comfortably familiar has been ‘pulling a fast one.’ A familiar face can change shape, physical and emotional landscapes transform from homes and communities to something unfamiliar, somewhere unsettling.

This mix is, for the most part, a heavy one. It is dedicated to anyone who has ever stood up to corruption, convention or ‘common sense’ and said “No. Things don’t have to be this way.” You are my heroes.

  1. Ascion and D. Carbone “Drop”
  2. Decimal “Main Molecule” (Tony Rohr Remix)
  3. Duoteque “Logo” (Pig & Dan Mix Dub Version)
  4. Hans Bouffmyhre “No Trace”
  5. Umek “Slap”
  6. Ellrich & Plaice “Fucking Society” (Patrick Plaice Mix)
  7. Harvey McKay “Nightwalker”
  8. Jerome Sydenham and Rune RK “The Crossing” (Jerome Sydenham’s Over Dub)
  9. Yasuharu Motomiya “Dark Brown”
  10. Xhin “Fixing the Error”
  11. Adam Beyer “Remainings III” (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
  12. Virgil Enzinger, Xavier Morel and VX “Particules”
  13. Pig & Dan “Baked”
  14. Dustin Zahn “Stranger to Stability” (Len Faki Podium Mix)
  15. Major Lazer “Hold the Line” (Djedjotronic Remix)
  16. Alexi Delano “Adjust the Frequency”
  17. Kane Roth “Kama Sutra” (Tim Xavier Remix)
  18. Yousef “Come Home”
  19. DJ Hell and Bryan Ferry “U Can Dance” (Carl Craig Remix V.2)
  20. Sasha Carassi “Polychromatic” (Brian Sanhaji Remix)
  21. Alex Bau “Red Chromosome” (Flashback Mix)


Thank you for this mix.

 Maree · 22 February 2010

yay! new music!! thank you! awesome

 Steven · 23 February 2010

Soooo what I needed today. Thanks!

 Debbie · 25 February 2010

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