Random Selector Mix (Vintage Drum and Bass)

Download this mix [185.09 MB]

Photo by Maree Lien



This mix is completely off the cuff. I was in the mood to spin some old records the other night and started playing tracks from my 20+ year old drum and bass collection, pulling records off the shelf at random. It turned out pretty good for something thrown together so I thought I’d share this little trip down memory lane.

  1. Source Direct “Exit 9”
  2. J Majik feat. Kathy Brown “Love Is Not A Game”
  3. Ray Keith “Come On Girl”
  4. Trace & Optical “Mercury Switch”
  5. Freestyles “Musically Dope”
  6. Trace – Sonar (Trace & Optical Remix)
  7. Dillinja “Thugged Out Bitch” (Fresh & Adam F Remix)
  8. Breakbeat Era “Rancid” (Remix)
  9. Concord Dawn “Slinky”
  10. Ed Rush & Optical “Shrinkwrap”
  11. Dylan & Ink “Need You” (Calibre Remix)
  12. Dark Soldier “Hijack”
  13. Juan Carlos “Legacy”
  14. Deep Blue “The Helicopter Tune” (Cause 4 Concern Remix)
  15. Ed Rush & Nico “Torque”
  16. Dark Soldier “National Security”
  17. We “3/10th Of The Population”


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