Restless Hearts Mix

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I love music that captures conflicting emotions. Songs that are dark, ecstatic, emotional and most of all viscerally danceable. I’ve been listening to these tracks a lot lately. It’s time to shake things up.

  1. Riya feat. Hybrid Minds “Still Remains”
  2. DivideUp “Myriad”
  3. Wilkinson feat. Thabo “Hopelessly Coping”
  4. Kove “Gone”
  5. Hybrid Minds feat. Riya “Kismet”
  6. Bladerunner “Stay”
  7. D Kay & Intoxicated “Thinner Edge”
  8. Hybrid Minds “Meant to Be”
  9. Hiatus “Save Yourself” (Ray Keith Remix)
  10. Mitekiss feat. Vonne “Matter”
  11. Nu:Logic “Morning Light”
  12. LJ High “Biggest Mystery”
  13. The Funk Hunters, CMC & Silenta feat. Erica Dee & Honey Larochelle “Soul Beat” (Utah Jazz Remix)
  14. Subview “Invisible”
  15. Replicant “Sun Comes Up”
  16. Bladerunner “Don’t Break It”
  17. Sigma feat. Ella Henderson “Glitterball” (S.P.Y. Remix)


I think this might be my favorite mix of all the ones you’ve done so far.

 Keane · 19 April 2022

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