Rough Patches Mix

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I have always had a hard time expressing myself in a way that I’m happy with. And these days it’s particularly hard. But I’m going to try.

First of all, a new version of is being built. At the moment the mixes are download-only. The player on the site used Flash, but Flash does not exist any more (as I’m sure everyone knows). The new site will have a new player so the mixes can be streamed or downloaded. It will also be mobile-friendly since most of the traffic to is now from mobile devices. Plus it’ll be nice to have a fresh site to present all of the old mixes as well as the new content.

Next, I feel bad about how I ended my new content process back in 2011. If I could go back I would have given it more time and a couple more mixes and a lot more notice to my followers. It was too sudden and I apologize for that, sincerely. I was asked why I stopped making mixes when I did and the simple answer is that I felt like it was coming to an end for me. I needed a break to try different things.

I have been asked why I’ve started to make mixes again. I just found myself listening to a lot of electronic music and as a result researching new music, collecting my favourite tracks, arranging them and feeling the enjoyment of mixing them again. Using my old simple set up of two turntables, Rane SL1 and a mixer has been an inspiration as well.

Thank you for visiting I wish you all the best this year and hope the music offered here brings you anything from a moment of clarity to full blown psychedelic escapism. I have certainly enjoyed arranging and mixing these tracks and am infinitely thankful to the talented producers represented here.

This is an eclectic mix of storming techno numbers, retro house grooves, sinister synth stompers, foggy organic jams and more.

  1. Robert Hood “Fear Not”
  2. Charlotte de Witte “Return to Nowhere”
  3. Noir “Hurt” (Michel Lauriola Remix)
  4. Lex Gorrie “Intrusive Thoughts” (Moerbeck Remix)
  5. Maya Jane Coles and CAYAM “Jmpng”
  6. Avision “Yo Listen” (Truncate’s 808 Edit)
  7. Thomas Hoffknecht “Push” (Flug Mutation)
  8. Mac N Dan and Jason Cluff “Your Mind”
  9. ROBPM and MOTVS “Ride”
  10. MOTVS “Cannon in G#”
  11. Fatima Hajji “Decision” (T78 Remix)
  12. RobJanssen “No Grip”
  13. Tiger Stripes “Recluse” (feat. Mikaela)
  14. FOLUAL “Woods” (Dusty Kid Remix)
  15. Sara Simonit “Evolution”
  16. Human Resource “Dominator” (Rebuke Rave Remix)
  17. Blue Hour “Solace” (Introversion Remix)
  18. BEC “Hindsight”
  19. Housemeister feat. P.O.S “Weird Friends” (TWR72 Dub Mix)
  20. Gary Beck “Rapture”
  21. Alden Tyrell “Remedy Returns”
  22. Hyper On Experience “Vibrations”
  23. Chontane “Nam”
  24. Introversion “Onryo”
  25. Keith Carnal “Hope”
  26. Noir “Psychosis” (Ferdinger Remix)
  27. Radio Slave “Cell”


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