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I love falling asleep. I love to close my eyes and lay back. I love the stillness and the dark.

One of my favourite things to do is listen to music while drifting off. It doesn’t even matter what type of music it is (I can fall asleep to anything). The day dissolves and ends as dreams fire up for the night, stoked by rhythm and melody.

I’ve been working on for four years now and have made 44 mixes using 933 tracks. In many ways it has been like a dream, full of reminiscence and change… but this mix, I’m afraid, is the final one.

Thank you for listening and enjoying the site. Thank you to everyone who has contacted me throughout the years from here and around the globe. Thanks to all the friends and family who have helped me with encouragement and technical expertise, especially Mave Gibson.

This mix is a sprawling epic, inspired by the need to move on, and wanting to never let go.

  1. Prince of Denmark “Are You Ready Ralph”
  2. Bon and Rau “Cloverleaf Days”
  3. Prince of Denmark “187666”
  4. Rick Wade “Creeper” (Erich Bogatzky and Volt.Mar Remix)
  5. Milton Bradley “The Unheard Voice From Outer Space”
  6. Mike Dehnert “Timber Framing”
  7. Alexander Kowalski “Reset”
  8. Kereni “Radar” (El Diablo Remix)
  9. Roberto “Mills and Boon”
  10. Ness “Diagnostic Sequence”
  11. Traversable Wormhole “Exotic Matter”
  12. BCR Boys “Flammable”
  13. A. Mochi “Response”
  14. Exium “Mantra” (Peter Van Hoesen Remix)
  15. Octave One “I Believe” (Sandwell District Remix)
  16. Hanchi “Sukanebari”
  17. Mike Dehnert “Md”
  18. Onoff “Sticky Fingers”
  19. Damien Porta “Llama”
  20. Johannes Heil “Seeded” (Motorcitysoul Remix)
  21. Micha Klang “Babes in the Woods”
  22. Maya Jane Coles “Rugged”
  23. Hector “Orale” (SIS Remix)
  24. Aera “Flowers On Fire”
  25. Claudio Fabrianesi and Donato Dozzy “Disco Infecta”
  26. Simon Hinter “Take Care”


Fantastic mix, Jim… so sorry to hear it is the last. Thank you so much for all the years of outstanding mixes! All the best to you on future projects.

 Maree · 25 March 2011

Very sad to hear your amazing mixes are coming to an end. I have enjoyed them in many different headspaces and moods. Thank you for so much fantastic enjoyment! <3

 Cinderela · 28 March 2011

listening again for the first time

 madlove · 11 March 2013

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