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I read Mark Z. Danielewski’s “House of Leaves” last week and it twisted up my concept of space in really cool ways (and it freaked me out too). If you’ve read it give me a shout on my contact page. It’s one of those books I should have read with a friend ‘cause now I feel like no one can understand why I feel so dark and unsettled.

This mix is much more subtle and spacious than my last few mixes. It runs just over an hour and has some of my favorite tech-style tracks from the past month or so. As I made this mix I was thinking about a warehouse party with lasers, smoke and big visuals. I was thinking about the darkest hours of a mid-summer outdoor party…

  1. Dubnitzky and Curly “Nach Eins Kommt Zwei” (Andomat 3000 Remix)
  2. Marc Depulse “Remember 87”
  3. Seth Troxler and Patrick Russell “Doctor of Romance”
  4. Shlomi Aber “Tokyo Shanghai”
  5. Noze “Dance Avec Moi” (Sascha Funke Remix)
  6. Gui Boratto “Tales from the Lab” (Dirty Disco Remix by Axel Bartsch)
  7. Fabio Giannelli “The Billiard Room”
  8. Kaliber feat. Elodie “Is this for Love” (Nic Fanciullis Reverse Remix)
  9. Fergie “Break Out”
  10. Wacker and Zittrich “Poetry Slam” (Sebastian Roya Remix)
  11. Marc Ashken “Root Rot” (Shonky Dub)
  12. Gui Boratto “Tales from the Lab” (Sian’s No Lab Animals Remix)
  13. Shonky “Time Zero” (Paul Rich Remix)
  14. Prompt “Taboom”
  15. Jean Claude Ades and Vincent Thomas “Shingaling” (Martin Eyerer Remix)
  16. Tadeo “IO” (Cassy Moving On Mix)
  17. Andomat 3000 “Bnd2” (Kiki Remix)


summer night road trip!! let’s go watch a meteor shower! we have the soundtrack!

 MG · 18 May 2008

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