Photo by Ian Buchanan

This is a small mix (37mins) of slightly more minimal tracks that I think makes a friendly companion to the spacehaus mix. It's definitely inspired by the excitement of outdoor summer fun that's in the air right now: patio beers, yard parties, road trips, new towns, new cities...

  1. Basti Grub "Baaanii"
  2. Nick Curly "Tele-vision"
  3. Prompt "Elephant"
  4. Deadset "G.O.D." (Mango Re-Fiddle)
  5. Nick Curly "Forecast"
  6. Four Tet "Wing Body Wing"
  7. Tala "Mandragora" (Marcel Oelke Mix)
  8. 2raumwohnung "Besser Gehts Nicht" (Martin Buttrich Mix)
  9. Hot Chip "One Pure Thought" (Dominic Eulberg Remix)
  10. Tiger Stripes "Beach Buggy"