Spring 2007 Top Tracks Mix

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Here’s a selection of some of my favorite tracks from the spring of 2007. I’m particularly partial to Steve Murano’s massive rework of “The Way I Do” by 2-4 Grooves (14:25 into the set)—absolutely ridiculously sick. I’m also loving Gui Boratto’s “Beautiful Life” (31:27) from his album “Chromophobia.” It totally reminds me of old 4AD records stuff, like Lush. It’s big and melodic and, in my opinion, very Spring.

This mix starts on a sweaty Berlin dancefloor and ends up tranced out in a field somewhere. Anyone else up for some major outdoor partyage this summer?

  1. Dejonka feat. Piemont “Headcruise” Klang Gymnastik
  2. Remo “Mizar” Confused
  3. Acid Pauli “Gwar is Not the Answer” Smaul
  4. ADJD aka Alexi Delano and Jesper Dahlback “How About that Thing?” Harthouse
  5. 2-4 Grooves “The Way I Do” (Steve Muranos Electro Makeover) Scorpio (France)
  6. Trashtalk “Spanish Fly” Craft
  7. Solee “Impressed” Parquet (Germany)
  8. The Fix “Medication Time” Yeah:No
  9. Gui Boratto “Beautiful Life” Kompakt
  10. Sandiego “Rogoredo” Trapez
  11. Stylophonic “Baby Beat Box” (Audiofly Remix) Phouse (Italy)
  12. Sebastian Roya “Distancias De Noche” Connaisseur
  13. Oliver Huntemann “Sao Paulo” Confused
  14. Redshape “Species” Present
  15. Bukaddor and Fishbeck “Polterabend” My Best Friend
  16. Mia “Swoon” (Shonky rmx) Substatic
  17. Zander VT “Dig Your Own Rave” Memo


Nice mix Jimmer, you ever mix any hip hop or reggae?

 Ken · 23 May 2007

Sweeeeet. Hands in the air!!!

 TANYA PEA · 24 May 2007

loved the mix…good work

 Ayisha · 24 May 2007

amazing stuff. really got deep into this mix.

particularily the 2-4 grooves makeover – and the track with the (i think) looped sample from close encounters?

anyways-great mix, thanks for sharing.

 sync · 28 May 2007

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