Two Years Mix

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I’ve never been very good at celebrating milestones in my life, but today I’m happy to say that this mix roughly marks the two year anniversary of

So much has changed in my life over the past couple of years and I feel like I’m still waiting for the dust to settle around me. Thank you to everyone who has been enjoying the posts over the past two years, hello to all the new visitors to the site, and thanks to all the people who have sent me supportive messages along the way.

This mix is fraught with tension, and was heavily inspired by the voices a seventh cup of coffee can bring to a sleepless mind.

  1. DOP “Blanche Neige”
  2. Marcin Czubala “Los Companeros”
  3. Kleinschmager Audio “Helicotrema”
  4. Kabale Und Liebe “Childs Play”
  5. Zander VT “Get Down”
  6. Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner “Chiller”
  7. Nima Gorji “Jungle Boogie”
  8. Martinez “Momomowha”
  9. Brian Ffar “Billy Bought a Laser” (Pan Pot Remix)
  10. Federleicht “On the Streets” (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Core Mix)
  11. Donato Dozzy & Giorgio Gigli “Real Love EQ – Italy”
  12. Dj Rame “Mind Clip”
  13. Gel Abril “Miranda”
  14. Speedy J “Red Shift”
  15. Radio Slave “RJ”
  16. Extrawelt “Daten Raten”
  17. Efdemin “America”
  18. Damian Lazarus “Moment”
  19. Bvdub “Where to Now”


Another kick-ass mix, Jim… loving every minute of it. A great way to mark the start of Y3! Congrats on a great two years, they helped me through the last couple of my own. Cheers! :^D

 Maree · 30 March 2009

Congrats! You’ve really done an amazing job over the past 2 years, and brought something special to a lot of people – me included! It’s not just the music, it’s the way you put it all together and present it with humor, intimacy and humility. A class act!

 MG · 30 March 2009

My hat’s off to you, Jim. Lovely selections, impeccable mixing throughout. Thanks for sharing your work- it’s an inspiration to me.

 sean · 31 March 2009

Thanks for the great set the other night, Jim… the thing I love about your sets is that they have the feel of long, sampled compositions, rather than a DJ playing his favourite tunes in order of bpm. It is always a journey and an experience. Well done. And you do have “the golden ear…” effing fantastic. :^D

 Maree · 18 April 2009

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