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I’m sad to say that my sweet little friend Kasper has passed away.

We adopted her eight years ago and she immediately became a big part of the family. She had come from an abusive and neglectful home but her friendly caring nature was not diminished. She had a vast dialect of words and sounds that communicated what she was feeling and thinking which, combined with her intelligence, made her more like a little person than a parrot. It has been a crushing loss having her gone.

Kasper loved music and always let me know which songs she liked. This playlist has some of her favorites. Parra For Cuva’s “Her Entrance” (Innellea’s Interstellar Remix) is, in my opinion, the best track of the year and will always remind me of Kasper, as will Rampa’s “The Church.”

It goes without saying that it is a hard time to deal with loss these days. The pandemic, climate disaster, rising fascism, and the steady creep of surveillance capitalism permeating modern life have made things grim for everyone. It feels trite to say, but I try to take things one week, one day, sometimes one moment at a time to keep moving on.

This mix is meant to be uplifting and was made to celebrate a life well lived, and a life worth living—free of inhibitions and fear, and full of love.

  1. Solomun “Never Sleep Again”
  2. Mind Against “Changes”
  3. Sultan + Shepard “nCTRL” (Lane 8 Remix)
  4. Parra For Cuva “Her Entrance” (Innellea’s Interstellar Remix)
  5. Rampa “The Church”
  6. Cincity “Love Me”
  7. Fur Coat “Ancient Stories”
  8. &ME, Rampa, Adam Port feat. Sofie “Discoteca”
  9. Amberoom feat. Blakkat & BabyGirl “Forces Of Nature” (Radio Slave ‘New Age Of Love’ Remix 1)
  10. Andre Lodemann “Emptiness” (Hyenah’s Raw Beat Remix)
  11. Frank De Wulf “Kicking & Cooking”
  12. Squire “Troupe”
  13. Piem “Cara Guapa”
  14. Classixx “Big Rhythm”
  15. Lane 8 “Little Voices”
  16. Joe Joyce “Amygdala” (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
  17. Matthias Tanzmann “Coffee Clouds” (andhim Remix)
  18. ANNA “Odd Behaviour”
  19. Fur Coat “Ephemera”
  20. Phil Kieran “I Love You” (Moonwalk Remix)
  21. Rebuke “Dial Tone”
  22. Miss Kittin & Dubfire “Ride” (Solomun Remix)
  23. Ribb[]n & Jem Cooke “Heart Space” (Tall Paul Remix)


She was an amazing person, Jim, and she had great taste in music. It’s impossible to listen to this without picturing her helping you choose the tracks. Fantastic tracks, fantastic mix! RISP, Kasper.

 Maree · 30 August 2021

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