Wolf Whistle Mix

Download this mix [184.03 MB]

Photo by Roland Jouve



I’m happy to say that there are new features on jimrebel.com which you may have noticed over the past while. There is a new player which appears on each mix post complete with a waveform for finding specific parts of the recording. Or “Launch Player” to open all of the mixes on the site in one player which will play continuously for many hours of music. The mixes can still be downloaded and played on your own player if you prefer. The site has also been redesigned for viewing on phones and tablets as well as desktop computers. Most of the site traffic is on mobile so I’m really happy with this upgrade.

Thank you so much to Keane for doing such an amazing job on the site upgrade, working tirelessly to make everything work perfectly and look amazing. And for all the years of keeping up the site and helping me with every post. jimrebel.com would not exist without him, and for that I am eternally grateful

I’m also excited to see that jimrebel.com is getting traffic not only from North America, but around the world on a regular basis these days—England, China, Turkey, Australia, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Germany, Brazil, Sweden and more. Very cool.

This is a mix-heavy affair of my favourite rave tracks right now. Let’s go for a (t)rip, shall we?

  1. CAYAM “Sprkl”
  2. Developer “Drive Em Out”
  3. Temudo & Ribé “Ngaro”
  4. Luca La Rocca “Nottetempo”
  5. Deborah De Luca “Squid”
  6. Tiger Stripes “Fire”
  7. Alan Fitzpatrick & Rebuke “Ultimate Distortion”
  8. E-Dancer & Kevin Saunderson “Savage & Beyond” (Rebuke Remix)
  9. Mark Michael & Ignacio Arfeli “Blackout”
  10. Dave Davis “Hydromatic”
  11. Charlotte de Witte “Soma”
  12. Orbital “Belfast” (ANNA Techno Remix)
  13. SHDW & Obscure Shape “Bisswunden” (Introversion Version)
  14. Âme & KÁRYYN “The Witness”
  15. Procombo “Glow”
  16. Will Clarke “The Hymn”
  17. Klaudia Gawlas “Atmosphere”
  18. Theo Nasa “Sour Punch” (Mani Festo Remix)
  19. DJ Crisps “It’s a Dark Day”
  20. Developer “The Pusher”
  21. Doctor Jeep “Necka Pill”
  22. Thomas Hoffknecht “Dreams” (Edit Select Mutation)
  23. Gorgon City & Hayley May “Never Let Me Down” (t e s t p r e s s Extended Remix)
  24. Phase Objekt “Proxima Centuri b”
  25. W/CYA “Paraeidolie” (Temudo Remix)
  26. Modig “Object 0892” (Flug Remix)
  27. A. Mochi “Signum”
  28. Markus Enochson “Both Insane”
  29. Uncertain “Pulse”
  30. Eli Brown “ Losing Control”


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