Woodshed Mix

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I’ve been having a lot of scary dreams lately. Some are filled with chomping jaws and endless running, others are horribly mutated stories from my past. There are even ones that are just like regular dreams (pleasantly familiar faces and places), but filled with panic and dread for no reason at all.

This mix is inspired by irrational fears—real, imagined and otherwise.

  1. Boris “Rem”
  2. Traversable Wormhole “Closed Timelike Curve”
  3. James Ruskin and Mark Broom “The Future that Was”
  4. A. Mochi “Alpha”
  5. DJ Emerson “12 Monkeys”
  6. Claudio PRC “Clear Depths” (Silent Servant Remix)
  7. Sascha Rydell “Sr”
  8. Jonas Kopp “Alkitran”
  9. Glimpse “Employable Enjoyable” (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
  10. BCR Boys “Flammable”
  11. Silent Servant “Violencia”
  12. Monoloc “Nohouse” (Xhin Remix)
  13. A. Mochi “Signum”
  14. Adam X “Downbursts”
  15. Traversable Wormhole “Exiting the Milkyway”


This one is like a soundtrack! I <3 Traversable Wormhole so much!

 MG · 12 January 2011

I saw something nasty… but what I heard made it all worthwhile.

 Maree · 12 January 2011


 Steven · 14 January 2011

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